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[REBOL] Re: Teaching Rebol => was:{Re: Re: Parsing comment}

From: tim:johnsons-web at: 28-Sep-2002 15:04

* Carl Read <[carl--cybercraft--co--nz]> [020928 13:52]:
> Well, I was thinking of it being just another script the kids would > run on the computers they were using so they could test any CGI they > did themselves by looking at it with a browser. I wrote such a > script so I can test the CGI I do locally before sticking it on a > "real" server. I just have two REBOL consoles open, one for the > server and one for the script I'm working on.
Ahh... talking about a simple socket server..
> > I beg to differ, even eight graders get that one, > > And I still don't know how old an eight (eighth?) grader would be. > This is one area where numbers win out over words in an international > forum Tim. (:
Sorry: Eighth grade is middle school - the eight of 12 grades and would precede freshmen high school. 13 - 14 years of age or so
> Girls ain't dumb. (; >
You're preaching to the converted ... Grace Hopper (Admiral Grace Hopper at that) developed COBOL, and my niece Jessica interned at RT two years ago.... Besides I married one....
> If you were trying to attract kids to writing as a profession, would > you bring in writers of fiction or writers of car manuals or adverts > as examples? In other words, would you chose a writer of accounting > software over a games programmer to inspire the kids?
I'd take what I could get in this limited area .... and I show them some of my CGI sites built with rebol. We are inviting them to download 'view to play with, and maybe there's some rebol/view scripts online for them to run?
> > For those of you reading this, Carl took part in a mailing list > > that was set up for this class a year ago. It was terribly dead, > > Yes - it didn't really get started. It would really need at least two > enthusastic posters amongst the students to start the ball rolling I > think, but that didn't happen.
Yeah, couldn't even get a good argument going....
> > we are trying a chat room now, but it will be staffed by the > > teacher of record and myself only one hour a week <sigh> and > > paranoid school sysops aren't letting anyone else in (so far). > > I'm wondering if the reason you only got an Australian and a New > Zealander as the REBOL "mentors" had anything to do with the less > litigious nature of Downunder culture? I can imagine those in the US > and probably elsewhere not considering it worth the risk to get > involved. Sad. Do kids think lawyers are sexy by any chance?
<sigh>We are going beyond the school district here... I'm disheartened to report that the Human Services profession here is very anti- technology and has turned down many opportunities for tekkies to help them. Example: We have a very high suicide rate among teen-agers here, and when several of us local programmers offered to build software to help crisis line staffers, we got no takers ... just one sad example </sigh> -- Tim Johnson <[tim--johnsons-web--com]>