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[REBOL] Re: need help with comparison operator <> evaluation

From: greggirwin:mindspring at: 14-Nov-2003 11:39

Hi Steve, Arie nailed your problem, so I'll just add a couple notes if I may. SV> INPUT-FILE: ask "Enter name of file with numbers to be processed: " comment { user enters owwnumbers.txt } SV> OUTPUT-FILE: ask "Enter name of output file: " SV> INPUT-FILE: make string! INPUT-FILE SV> OUTPUT-FILE: make string! OUTPUT-FILE ASK returns a string, so the "make string!" lines don't do anything here; you can remove them. SV> comment { Are the last 4 chars of the str equal to ".txt"? If not append ".txt" to the end of the string. } SV> EXTENSION-IN: substr INPUT-FILE ( (length? INPUT-FILE ) - 3) 4 SV> print EXTENSION-IN comment { prints out .txt on the screen} SV> EXTENSION-OUT: substr OUTPUT-FILE ( (length? OUTPUT-FILE ) - 3) 4 Newer versions of REBOL have a SUFFIX? function you might find helpful in the future. SV> if [EXTENSION-IN <> ".txt"] [append INPUT-FILE ".txt" ] SV> if [EXTENSION-OUT <> ".txt"] [append OUTPUT-FILE ".txt" ] SV> INPUT-FILE: make file! INPUT-FILE SV> OUTPUT-FILE: make file! OUTPUT-FILE The choice between MAKE and TO isn't always clear, but most folks use TO more--probably because it's shorter. :) The main thing for me is what the words convey when you read them. i.e. are you telling the reader that you're making a new value or converting one? Now, the next step would be to generalize this stuff in case you need it again in the future: change-suffix: func [ {Changes the suffix of the string and returns the updated string.} string [any-string!] "The file, url, string, etc. to change." suffix [any-string!] "The new suffix." /local s ][ attempt [if #"." <> first suffix [suffix: join %. suffix]] append either s: find string suffix? string [clear s][string] suffix ] ; Maybe use refinements for default and suffix rather than ; requiring them. ask-for-file: func [prompt default suffix /local answer result] [ change-suffix to file! either empty? answer: ask prompt [default][answer] suffix ]
>> ask-for-file "Give me a file name: " %in-file %.txt
Give me a file name: test == %test.txt
>> ask-for-file "Give me a file name: " %in-file %.txt
Give me a file name: == %in-file.txt If you're new to REBOL, don't let the above code scare you off. I know it would have looked totally foreign to me when I started out with REBOL. :) --Gregg