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[REBOL] Re: RFC: A messaging kernel

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 31-Dec-2002 11:30

Maarten Koopmans wrote:
>> What I currently lack with Uniserve is - client side of things .... I >> think that it should turn into P2P solution (and according to Doc, it >> hopefully will), as it currently lacks imo unified tracking of client >> side stuff also (I mean opened ports on client). >> > > Exactly. So it would fill in only half of the picture, and it is not > released and....
1st part true, second part - released to betatesters ...
>> Uniserve can be good competition to Python's Medusa and I think that >> later on, RT could decide to license it for SDK, as it can take Rebol >> networking one step further ... > > ... it would be nothing more than a server io engine to me. I already > have a very well tested, widely used engine myself: hipe, the one from > Rugby.
nothing more ? see below ...
> 1) Well tested for almost two years, nice installed base via Rugby. > 2) I control it and know it inside-out.
those two points I understand, especially for you, as an developer, 2) makes sense ....
> The other point is that where Uniserve is a protocol framework that is > exactly what I want to move away from with Rebol. The power of > messaging and dialects can be used as protocols. The messaging engine > will help you with the networking part.
well, as for being nothing more than io engine. While you are probably right, you should bear in mind, that some ppl may be still interested into using legacy stuff. i have interoperability in mind - ability to connect to IRC, Jabber networks, ability to run httpd service, test locally CGI (fastCGI) stuff, which later on can be just moved to production Apache server without single line change, etc. Rebol only solution (dialects) running upon some messaging kernel can keep us isolated, but otoh I know nothing concrete upon what you plan. And if you tell me, that you have Rugby as a base transport mechanism in mind, so it is possible to install functions (services) which can connect to e.g. IRC, I can see it as just reverse way of what Uniserve will offer. Anyway - my intention was not to distract anyone from whatever work! Do what you think is good to be done. It is still better to have two solutions available, than none .... I just tried to point out, that in some case, there can be community split, but maybe I am just too much scared because of my Amiga history. After all, Rebol community seems to be real community in comparison to what is happening with the so-called amiga community nowadays ...
>> So - I would like to see community cooperation upon one as much as >> possible universal project, than later on deciding between two >> systems, while both of them lacking certain feature here or there ... >> > > And this is a repeating argument from your side. Why Rugby if we get > IOS and RMP (1.5 years ago)? Why not integrate Rugby with Uniserve > (last year). Why....? > > So although I will follow Uniserv with great interest once it becomes > publicly available: no, thanks for now.
Look, I can't be responsible upon work of others. I was told certain things at certain times and their non-delivery was not fault on my side. 1) IOS - I still have to wait for what RT will do with their product. There seem to be total lack of marketing on their part in regards to IOS. I have several times asked for IOS road-map, but got no clear answer. I also know, that some ppl offered to take IOS development further, so we will see what happens. If RT is not all that interested in further IOS developement, I think they would be better releasing low level IOS stuff as part of SDK release, of course for some additional price, or even special kind of license. If nothing really happens, I would like to see IOS "cloned" - not desktop (it can be done better by Cyphre or other UI magician), but low level stuff - RMP, whole synchronisation stuff, etc. 2) it is publicly available to those, who ask to become beta testers ... Anyway ... the same as Doc did, the same as Robert did, nothing prevents you from setting up special group on AltME. That way, you will get more instant and dedicated replies than you can get here on ml. Just outline your basic ideas in some doc, post a link to it, and let ppl express their opinion ... -pekr-