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[REBOL] Re: accents in french

From: luc:spirlet:skynet:be at: 18-Dec-2004 0:14

Carlos Lorenz wrote:
>Luc > >I have same troubles over here using a brazilian Debian based Linux distro >called Kurumin. > >My keyboard layout is brazilian ABNT2 and using /View is impossible while n >o =E9,=E1,=ED,=E0,=F5,=E3, =E2 =C2,=D4 and other characters in Portuguese l >anguage can be properly typed into text fields. > >It is a pit because REBOL is a wonderful language but /View is useless to u >s brazilian linuxers the way it is today. > >I have posted several times this trouble in here and also in AltMe. > >Carl is aware of the problem BUT up to now it seems RT is more concerned ab >out REBOL and Windows plataform than anything else. > >It is not a Linux trouble I may assure you but a REBOL core trouble because > I use many many other apps on my Linux box and all of them work ok under K >DE, Gnome, Fluxbox ... whatever. > >I have seen you post a solution to type =EA character and well I may say >this is probably the "First Oficcial Try" of our community (including RT te >am) in solving the question > >Cheers > >Carlos > >Em Fri, 17 Dec 2004 16:03:49 +0100, Spirlet disse o seguinte: > >> >>Hello, >> >>Exploring Mandrake 9.0 (Redhat kernel, I think) to search my accents in >>french, I've discovered a few little things. >>1) .i18n : file created by Kylix probably can be a source of trouble beca >> >> > >>use >>the language is referenced by en_EN in place of fr_FR. How this file is >>called? I don't know. >>(I had a different behavior in the area and field objects in rebol until >> >> > >>I've >>changed the en_EN into fr_FR) >>2) In the directory xkb/symbols, we find country files. >>(/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb) >>These files supply only the differences in the keyboards and >>KDE complete for the locale config. >>3) Rebol takes perhaps the basic keyboard in the kernel and not >>the complement of Mandrake distribution. >>4) The rebolian must thus interprete this basic keyboard. >>Wrong or right? >>Is there anyone who can confirm or not because my way to search >>a solution in rebol could be valid or invalid? >>The french community programmers says that it is a problem from >>linux. I'm not sure. It is possible that we could change the config files >>in linux but we couldn't get a standard of these changes. The french >>gurus seems have choosed this way. We can change long time a >>complement and a complement of a complement. You see? >>Rebol run very good on win98. No problems with area and field >>objects. Because no problems, I've not search in this area. >>Carlos and Sunanda talked about these problems in earlier messages. >>Run search engine. You will find a problem with %Ebourrif=E9e. >>I've readed that. Very instructive! >>But I've not the solution with mandrake 9.0. Rebol stays REBELLE. >>;-)) >>I hope to get it. Your help will be very good appreciated. Thanks a lot. >>Thanks a lot. >>Luc Spirlet (FR Belgium) >> >> >>-- >>To unsubscribe from the list, just send an email to rebol-request >>at with unsubscribe as the subject. >> >> >> >> >>
Here this solution, but, this must evolue because I've seen that rebol employ a keymap in the prefs.r. I've not finded explanation about the difference of keymap = none and keymap = true. File: %prefs.r In the solution here, you can use field in place of area and I've not tested, but it must work. And of course the character #"~" in place of #"^". But, perhaps field and area objects can become one object in the future. REBOL[] key-event: func [face event] [ if event/type = 'key [ if event/key = #"^M" [browse] either find f1/text to-char 94 [ if event/key = #"e" [str: replace f1/text to-char 94 "=EA"] if event/key = #"a" [str: replace f1/text to-char 94 "=E2"] if event/key = #"i" [str: replace f1/text to-char 94 "=EE"] if event/key = #"o" [str: replace f1/text to-char 94 "=F4"] if event/key = #"u" [str: replace f1/text to-char 94 "=FB"] unfocus f1 f1/text: str show f1 ] [ either find f1/text to-char 168 [ if event/key = #"e" [str: replace f1/text to-char 168 "=EB] if event/key = # a" [str: replace f1/text to-char 168 "=E4] if event/key = # i" [str: replace f1/text to-char 168 "=EF] if event/key = # o" [str: replace f1/text to-char 168 "=F6] if event/key = # u" [str: replace f1/text to-char 168 "=FC] unfocus f1 f1/text: str show f1 ] [focus f1] ] ] event ] insert-event-func :key-event win: layout [ size 600x600 backcolor linen h1 Title" text 580 {Type a few words} across f1: area 400x30 with [ color: 240.240.240 font: [name: font-fixed] ] bouton: button "Close" [quit] ] focus f1 view win It is not THE solution, but it's better that nothing. Try it with #"~". There is better and certainly more simple. Luc Spirlet