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[REBOL] Re: Development rebol scripts on Linux

From: ale870:gm:ail at: 17-Nov-2007 22:19

Hello guys, this discussion is very interesting and I think all of you are right, and all of you are wrong. Why? Because there are two important points to remember: 1) One makes a program to gain money or to enjoy itself? If you want to gain money, you need to maximize the results and minimize the time to do them: get the best results with the minimum effort, stress. If you make a program to enjoy, then do everything you like, since everything satisfy your mind and your soul is good in this case; 2) Does not exist a programming language to make everything: every programming language best fits specific targets. Please tell this to everybody that say that drag'n'drop is better (but better than... ?) Well, try to create a kernel module (or an entire O.S. using a drag'n'drop system... no. In that case you need an efficient IDE, text based, and... C language (or C++). No GUI, no buttons. You need only an IDE, a lot of documentation, and a good brain!). If you want to create a rich client application, then you could need a drag'n'drop, a RAD tool, documentation, and a good brain! I think it is not important which language you learn, or which tool you use. A good programmer (analyst/programmer) needs a good method, a strong preparation, a good brain to analyze and solve problems, a good approach to the different kind of programming (procedural, object oriented, functional), and... a bit of lucky (just to be lucky to use a compiler without too many bugs! :-) ) On Nov 17, 2007 9:59 PM, Brian Tiffin <> wrote:
> Gentlemen; I don't understand. :) > > This has not been my experience at all. Maybe it's because I am more of a > fan > of the CLI over the GUI when it comes to development. Actually I should > say > a nice CLI inside a nice GUI. > > KDE, Konsole and Kate. Beautiful development environment. (It's not > official, but scraping the net I found a Kate REBOL syntax highlighter). > by Roland > Hadinger > (completely manual operation getting it installed ... pulled out the XML > and > then did the whole reading up on Kate extensions thing to get in plugged > in > properly...but it's wonderful). > > Konsole for tabs, (minimum 4 REBOL consoles running 24/7. One tab for > typing > HELP and SOURCE and thes/def/spell (from dict-demo.r in One > for > the Viewtop and wordbrowser, the Desktop Librarian and VID editor, one for > testing View/VID/RebGUI snippets and one (and then more) for running the > days > development work-in-progress. > > Kate for the pretty colours and project management through sessions, vi > for > getting quick things done and tagging (thanks to rtags) for the whole > cross-reference thing. Kate's built in terminal keeps the working > directory > in synch with the file being edited. S'all good. Kate even detects when > vi > (any external edit) has changed the file and offers reload/ignore. > > REBOL staying in the startup terminal is nice. Getting Cygwin running on > Vista (Cygwin console mode...not Cygwin/X) is the only thing keeping me > sane > in the Vista environment. rxvt and vi rules. :) (emacs is ok and all, > but > I think Richard Stallman has eight fingers on each hand). Bill Joy is > probably a thumb typer like myself. > > To all: > So if you haven't yet; dump Windows...snag a nice GNU/Linux distro > (Debian), > run KDE/Konsole/Kate/REBOL and you may never look back. If you are really > stuck with Windows, then Cygwin your way to pretending to have a real OS > running. :) Nothing like the power of the Unix CLI ... the best IDE ever > invented. > > Note: I'm old; (well past my Carousel date in Logan's world) ... you're > mileage may vary. > > Cheers, > Brian > > On Thursday 15 November 2007 16:05, Alessandro Manotti wrote: > > Good point. > > It's true. Rebol console linux is not so user-friendly like the one in > > windows. > > I don't know if R3 has a better Desktop. Can somebody confirm something > > about R3? > > > > On Nov 15, 2007 7:33 PM, Alan <> wrote: > > > I like Linux but I do not enjoy Rebol programming on it. Mostly due to > > > the lack of rebol console on Linux. > > > > > > When I run a program from an icon and it fails you do not get the > error > > > info > > > as no console pops up. I'm not a big console guy so I tend not to > start > > > programs from the linux command line. > > > > > > Any suggestions? > > > > > > > > > Alan Macleod > > > > > > -- > -- > To unsubscribe from the list, just send an email to > lists at with unsubscribe as the subject. >
-- //Alessandro