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[REBOL] Re: rebol-framework: information

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 28-Dec-2002 17:26

Robert M. Muench wrote:
>Hi, I don't know if you are interested but I just want to give a short >update what's going on with the rebol-framework (RFM) project: > >1. I'm very happy that Cyphre has joined the project and is now doing >the GUI stuff. The next release will have a complete new GUI that looks >very sexy :-)) > >2. The backend engine is growing and works quite stable. The handling of >business-object-templates has been improved in that you have a lot of >more "datatypes" that you can use when defining a BOT. >
We will see ... that's one of things I didn't liked - very few datatypes. The question is, how many datatypes is enough? Should there be ability to define own datatype via some kind of control function? (e.g. to use parse rules to define some custom datatypes) .... will have to think about it ... and why? Because ... generally, coming from XBase world, there is e.g. date datatype, but XY needs to display such datatype. The question is - where to find the border? May it all depends upon how we store values into "database", as at some point, there could just one single datatype - string - with various parse rules to represent/translate into correct state ...
>3. Cyphre and I are using the RFM to track bugs, ideas etc. for the >project. The bug reporting has the same functionallity as bug-reporter >on IOS. >
hmm, what does it mean? Does it mean you used RFM to define app data structures? I just hope you don't use RFM itself to enter the data? I am not sure it is good aproach, but I will have to see, if "sexy app" offers enough comfort for end user to work with. So far I prefer strong tool to define data dictionaries of BOs, share them across internet etc. and let the UI part be completly separated task ...
>4. I have bought the book from lazysoftware (thanks Petr to pointing me >at it) about the "associative data model". We will see how much we can >use from them ;-)) >
mine is on its way too :-)
>6. I bougth the Command SDK and hopefully we will be able to release a >single-user stand-alone-exe version of RFM. Should get a lot of people >started much easier. >
cool. I just hope you implement incremental update functionality as Cerebrus does. Works nicely .... user does not need to download whole new executable, but just differences, which are XORed agains current executable, or something like that ....
>7. Development-Focus will be: Improving the GUI, working out a QUERY >dialect and working out a RPORT dialect. >
hmm, we will see how it scales .... I mean - storage mechanism. Do you think that RFM could be used to rewrite IOS reblets into? Would there be already any benefit? I miss ability of cross reblet apis in IOS ....
>If you have questions... Just ask them :-) Robert >
I did so :-) -pekr-