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[REBOL] major Rebol programming projects Re:

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 29-Aug-2000 1:09

[jackseay--earthlink--net] wrote:
> I have been spending the last month trying to learn to create web > pages with Dreamweaver and Fireworks. While both of these are > incredible in many ways, they also show up the defects in the > HTML-Javascript-Flash-Shockwave-CSS-CGI way of creating things. The > tools are huge, complex beasts. You have to understand the > compromises needed to target various versions of different browsers > on different OS's. HTML is user hostile for attempting to create a > page layout. It requires endless plug-ins to make up for its' > deficiencies. The users don't generally get to edit anything you > create to produce their own versions and add comments, etc. > > Rebol could help create better tools to edit web pages as interim > projects, but the ultimate goal should be to replace the Internet as > it exists today with something better: a stable data pool interacting > with multi-dimentional browser-editor-camera-microphones. Rebol is a > new generation language, being hardware independent, incredibly small > (and thus fast, easily upgraded, and nearly bug-free), easy to learn > (yet powerful), and has an interactive programming environment. It > also has built-in graphics, including image processing. >
Don't bet on REBOL's built in image processing. It's not enough in any way. It has limited set of effects, it just supports only three types of image formats, with ability to save just as an bitmap. REBOL lacks general mechanisms. 2.0 showed the way and now imho Commodore Amiga mistake repeats - basic success of technology is influenced by business decisions (see REBOL/Express). There's nothink bad with /Express itself. so just let me explain. You want REBOL technology to step in and replace complex and let's say bloated technologies of today Internet. You mentioned Flash for e.g. Just one question - can we replace flash? Uh, we surely can't. We have just REBOL/View - it's compositing engine, not drawing one. We have no sound support too. My friend told me applying effects to pictures is just kind of mathematical combination of two matrices. A handy set of funcs would be probably enough for us to implement own 'wipes, probably fast enough. We have dialecting, just imagine something like stating: view layout/size [ button "QUIT" [unview/all] scene [ arrives 0x100 to 200x200 %bay.jpg 0:05 appear %photo.gif 100x100 immediate fade bla bla bla ] ] 640x480 With similar media stuff REBOL couldn't be beaten .... imagine tones of dialects, custom effect grouped into 'wipes etc etc. So we've got /View. It's not enough media based, but it's great. Carl started company and has to bring money back to investors. I just wish they had infinite resources of income to concentrate on Core stuff. I know Carl likes multimedia, small companct apps - an engines. Let's say I am a little bit disappointed about intermediate steps RT has to take to "rule the world", but can't do anything about it. What do I like about REBOL in last few weeks? - REBOL experimentals - it just shows Core technology is being advanced (see one of the latest posts of Holger Kruse) by very nice additions. So ... conclusion ... it's not time to replace current web technologies, not yet ((c) Ridley Scott, Gladiator :-))) ... -pekr-