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[REBOL] Re: REBOL Script to convert REBOL format to RSS XML

From: volker::nitsch::gmail::com at: 31-Dec-2004 6:54

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 17:12:12 -0700, Gregg Irwin <[greggirwin--mindspring--com]> wrote:
> Hi Premshree, > > PP> Anyway, I wrote a small script that generates valid RSS 2.0 feeds from > PP> the REBOL data for Carl's blog. The code is available here: > PP> > > Very cool! > > PP> If there are improvements possible, please point so/do so. :) >
Good scripts :) I add another version which is not that advanced. But keeps the original structure. As intermediate step. Together with some comments (single ";"). REBOL [ Title: "RSS Generator for Carl's Blog" Date: 31-Dec-2004 Version: 0.0.1 File: %carl-rss.r Home: Author: "Premshree Pillai" Version: 0.0.1 Purpose: { Generates valid RSS 2.0 feeds for Carl's blogs } ] ;; channel data channel: [ title "Carl's REBOL Blog - Vive la REBOLution" link description "describes this blog channel" language "English" copyright "2005 Carl Sassenrath" generator "REBOL Messaging Language" ] ;; blog items go here items: [ [ title "Blog item title...." link author "Carl Sassenrath" pubdate 30-Dec-2004 content {the blog goes here} ] [ title "Blog item title 2...." link author "Carl Sassenrath" pubdate 31-Dec-2004 content {the blog 2 goes here} ] ] ;; no edits required below this point ; instead of "channel-title" ; we can use "channel/title" ; directly. so we drop this: ; channel-link: select channel 'link ; ... ; instead of ; output: rejoin[ output new-stuff] ; we can use for performance ; append output rejoin[ new-stuff ] ; which is the same as ; repend output [new-stuff] ; (repend is a shortcut because such things occur soo often) ; and then we shrink some more by a function "emit". ; It is usually copypasted and patched everywhere. ; Its not inbuild because each script needs a slighly ; different version. output: copy"" emit: func[block][ repend output block append output newline] ; tags are inbuild and {"} around them are not needed. ; looks sometimes cleaner. ; and i did some linebreaks for email emit [ <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?> <rss version='2.0'><channel> <title> channel/title </title> ] emit [ <link> channel/link </link> <description> channel/description </description> ] emit [ <language> channel/language </language> <copyright> channel/copyright </copyright> ] emit [<generator> channel/generator </generator>] ; instead of "for" and indexing: foreach item items[ title: item/title link: item/link author: item/author ; dropped the date-making, to-idate works similar pubdate: to-idate item/pubdate content: item/content emit [ <item> <guid isPermaLink='true'> link </guid> <pubDate> pubdate </pubDate> ] emit [<title> title </title><link> link </link>] emit [<description> content </description></item>] ] emit[</channel></rss>] write %carl-rss2.xml output