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[REBOL] Re: Layout

From: gscottjones:mchsi at: 21-Sep-2002 10:35

From: "Bertrand"
> But simply if you could tell me > more about the following: <svv: system/view/vid>
Hi, Bertrand, Some of REBOL itself is written in code that is platform specific, and these parts are referred to as native. A surprising amount of REBOL is coded in REBOL. The first level of this code is also called the mezzanine. One can get at this level through the path word 'system. Warning: it makes calls itself, and used to lock up when probed with "probe system". The recursion is limited now for probe, but the code is long, so it is usually more helpful to look at sections as needed.
>> probe first system
[self version build product components words license options user script console ports network schemes error standard view stats locale user-license]
>> probe first system/view
[self screen-face focal-face caret highlight-start highlight-end title-size resize-border no-resize-border line-info VID event-port debug pop-face pop-list wake-event window-feel]
>> probe first system/view/vid
[self verbose warn word-limits vid-feel icon-image radio.bmp radio-on.bmp vid-colors vid-face state-flags vid-words vid-styles track error warning facet-words fw-with fw-feel spot expand-specs grow-facets do-facets next-tab choice-face set-edge] So one can work ones way through the path refinements to get to sections of the source code. svv was assigned to this path to merely keep the code from wrapping. vid-styles is a block that contains all the vid styles found in VID. I merely used a select to get to the face template for text. There are other ways to make faces, and in fact Romano shows another way in an earlier submission. TIMTOWTDI There is more than one way to do it" (Thanks, Larry Wall) There are benefits to some over others, and I don't pretend to be an expert to know in which situations where one is better than another. As a final note about the REBOL system, one can get the source code for mezzanine-level or higher functions using source.
>> source source
source: func [ "Prints the source code for a word." 'word [word!] ][ prin join word ": " if not value? word [print "undefined" exit] either any [native? get word op? get word action? get word] [ print ["native" mold third get word] ] [print mold get word] ] If you do source on the function that Romano uses, make-face, you will see that at one point it gets a base style by using get-style which ends up doing essentially what I did. 'make-face is a more complete and generic wrapper around what I did manually. I hope this submission makes sense. And, by the way, reading the system source is great way to learn some great tricks from the masters: the RT folks themselves! On a freshly started REBOL console, paste the following and *be patient*: echo %//windows/desktop/system.txt probe system quit Then puruse system.txt to your hearts content. --Scott Jones