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[ALLY] Amiga problems (was MAGICAL view/swis!!!) Re:(2)

From: bo:rebol at: 6-Oct-2000 18:02

As I replied to Carl from his Helpdesk question, all Amiga users should put a line like the following in their user.r files until we get a bug fixed: system/view/screen-face/size: 800x600 The 800x600 should be replaced by whatever screen resolution you are using. For all the Amiga (and some un*x) users out there, here is some other useful information (some of this info only applies to Amiga): REBOL/View for Amiga has a few options not available on other systems due to the unique nature of the OS. REBOL/View can be opened on a public screen. In your user.r, change the following line: system/view/screen-face/options: [] to something like this: system/view/screen-face/options: [ exclusive-colors dither monochrome ] Exclusive-colors will open an ASL screenmode requester on systems which support it (3.0 and higher). If exclusive-colors is specified and the system doesn't support the ASL screenmode requester, the screenmode can be set explicitly with the following line: screen-mode: "NTSC:Hires" This should be placed directly after EXCLUSIVE-COLORS in the user.r file. Note that the text following SCREEN-MODE must be the exact text found in the screenmode requester brought up by the system's SCREENMODE Prefs program. Additionally, the following should be available now or at some point in the future: screen-name: "My REBOL screen" screen-size: 800x600 The REBOL/View console will be brought up on the regular Workbench screen but the REBOL/View graphical windows will be brought up on the selected screen. The selected screen will stay open until the REBOL/View console is exited. To improve color quality on low-color modes, DITHER can be specified to allow dithering of the available colors to more closely approximate the true colors requested by the REBOL/View script. Sometimes, a grayscale representation is the desired choice for low-color modes in which case MONOCHROME can be specified. The built-in DEMO requires a screenmode of approximately 660x420, plus the amount of offset from the upper left corner of the screen. For users using NTSC or PAL monitors, it is advisable to select a screenmode and manually change the size to 800x600 or greater to account for this. If opening the REBOL window on a Workbench screen, the AUTOSCROLL option in the SCREENMODE Prefs is a good choice to allow viewing the entire demo. If an attempt is made to open the demo on a screen which is too small, REBOL currently may cause the machine to lock up or reboot. This issue is being addressed. The DEMO currently requires at least 7MB or more to run on some Amiga system set-ups. All efforts to reduce the memory footprint are being made for future versions. To turn off the demo, enter the following line in your user.r: start-view?: off You may also wish to add the following line to your user.r file if you intend to open REBOL/View windows on the Workbench screen: system/view/screen-face/size: 800x600 where 800x600 is the resolution of your Workbench screen (modify for your particular resolution). This will help keep the LAYOUT command from improperly determining what size to build a dynamic display. Hopefully this will answer the questions of some Amiga users! -Bo On 7-Oct-2000/10:16:59+12:00, [carl--cybercraft--co--nz] wrote:
>On 06-Oct-00, [cyphre--volny--cz] wrote: > >> Hello Allen and all, > >> yesterday I found very MEGA COOL thing. With SWIS you can verz >> easily put almost any kind of REBOL/view script into my window. It's >> really very easy to "hack" any script into my windows;)(in posted >> examples it costs about 2 hours of experimenting) > >> Maybe someone would complain that I post so long(66Kb) archive but >> it's really amazing thing... > >> CHECK IT ALL and enjoy!! > >> Cyphre > >> P.S.: On my Amiga2000 68060/50 it is not so fast but on some PC >> 50Mhz it would fly. > >Well, okay, but on my Amiga View's not working at all at the moment... >:( 0.10.31's just expired and 0.10.34 just won't run. What happens >when I try to start 0.10.34 is I get a message (in a View window) >saying... > >"Cannot launch script h..." > >(with the dots representing three of four misc. characters - they're >different with each attempt at running View) > >and then View quits when I click on OK.
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