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[REBOL] Re: Need help for justification of using REBOL as dev language

From: ryanc:iesco-dms at: 10-Apr-2001 12:19

Hi, I wrote down several points I thought were important. My points generally have to do with cost savings--a well proven sales tactic. This doc is not well researched, or worded, but maybe we can build off it, or rewrite it, to produce something a bit more professional for those who need it in the future. I Like the idea of a comparison table, maybe this could be shrunk and altered into that format? --Ryan ************************************ * Self Documenting / Easy To Read * Most REBOL functions use obvious words like "loop" or "read". Created words can have names like "branch" or "get-name-rank-serial-number". Objects are also very readable, "country/state/city/name". Assignments use the colon instead of the equal, so they are never confused with comparison. This lends itself to very readable code, lessening the need to painstakingly add remarks. * Less Code * REBOL functions are more oriented towards todays programming tasks. Many normally complicated tasks can be done quickly in a single line of code, such as:
>> send [bob--foo--com] "Its ready!" >> write %file.txt "I am writing to a file!" >> web-page: read
* Flexibility and Modularity * REBOL's flexible and modular nature makes it simpler for programmers to cooperate. Program interfaces are more obvious for a given task. For instance, if I needed a programmer to write a function to parse a given web site and return the linked sites, that would be all that was needed to be said. Even a junior REBOL programmer would know to write a function that accepts a URL and returns a series of URL's. In most other languages there would have to be a discussion about what the URL would look like, how it is passed, as well as even further considerations regarding the list that is returned. * Excellent Debugging Capability * Since REBOL can operate as a console, different parts of a program can be debugged manually. Probes can be used to report values anywhere. Its self documentation helps out alot too. REBOL programs are often modular, reducing the search area for a bug. The program is often many lines shorter than in other languages, therefore there are even fewer lines to search through when attempting to locate a bug. * Easy To Understand * Since REBOL typically uses fewer lines of code, is self documenting, and easy to read, it in turn is generally easier to comprehend the program. Saving a few lines of code here and there may not sound like much, but even a small difference can help significantly. Much like how it is so much easier to remember a 8 digit number versus a 11 digit number. When a programmer gets lost in thier program, their productivity stops. The flexible and modular archetecture of a REBOL program also helps the programmer keep his bearing as well by allowing him/her to devide the program in understandable chunks. * Faster Development * While all the prior points save money on thier own right, they also add together cumulatively greately reducing the time to develop a particular software product. * Multi-Platform * Operating platforms come and go. Unix, Apple, OS/2, Microsoft, and it appears Linux is next, but there are many other high quality operating systems, more than ever before. Therefore it is very wise to develop using a cross platform solution to extend the lifetime of a software solution if need be. REBOL runs on 42 platforms with more on the way. No porting is typically required! * Well Supported * Unlike some free languages, REBOL is kept up by a fulltime staff minimizing bugs. * Easy To Learn * What other languages can you learn to send an email in a minute? Most tasks can be learned extremely quickly. * Free * Best of all Core is free and you can use any text editor to develop it. Saves you money before you even start. * COST SAVINGS * All the points lists here contibute to an overall cost savings by using REBOL.