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[REBOL] Re: IOS Developer Server and eScribe?

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 22-Oct-2002 19:38

Brock Kalef wrote:
>Two thoughts here really. First is the desire to get the 'gems' found on >the IOS Developer server automatically passed to the eScribe list. My >second item is around mailing list functionality and it's (apparent) lack >of existance within IOS. > >1. To get the useful code segments and questions and answers discussed in >the IOS semi-private forum. Do any users of both resources also think this >would be desirable or even doable? >
Yes, one can feel, that there's a gap between the two. IIRC, I complained about lack of IOS integration with browser and mailers .... If you look into competition, they mostly work in browser environment, allowing to integrate outlook, etc. User typically works in one portal, not plenty of windows. Rebol lacks ability to display html code ... that's why my thoughts came along the lines of wrapping mozilla xpcom, but it may be behind our abilities. Someone suggested different path - to use IOS reblet to generate html threaded output. Kind of a workaround, but could work :-) The only minus is - it will be separate window, not your portal's pane ....
>2. Has anyone considered or already developed a Mail-List Reblet for IOS? >Both Messenger and Conference are neat little tools. Conference provides >the Instant Messaging interface that all are accustomed to, while Messenger >allows a somewhat combination of email/Instant messaging feel. >
As for small team - you have to feel the difference - there is no need for email anymore :-)
> However, >there currently isn't a nice 'thread' review feature in either. >
New VID 1.3, once finished, should bring us styles like tabs, tree-view, better list-view, auto-resize system, menu, and others ... tree-view will be good for threaded message display ...
> There is >the Group button which allows you to change topics, but you still can't >narrow in on one specific conversation and see all the replies. >
btw there is interesing app done by Allen, called Off-line - kind of a small knowledge base ....
>It would be great if these two 'wish-list' type items could be combined >into one solution. I realize RT won't code it, and for that matter would >likely not even support it on their server for general use as the eScribe >is used for, but it would be great if we could use IOS as a community to >share our knowledge and leave the eScribe 'archive' to those just finding >out about Rebol. They would get all of the info they would get today in a >format that is accessible to those not fortunate enough to have found Rebol >and IOS yet. >
It is my imagination, that someone (hopefully RT?) could donate one Serve, which would almost replace View desktop and this maillist. Shared collaborative space .... I think though, that IOS doesn't scale well yet - after some few thousands of messages conference and messanger starts to slow down .... but then - RMP (rebol message protocol could become more advanced). As for me personally, I also wait for DocKimble to release his Uniserve protocol framework. Maybe then it will be easier for us to introduce our own ones. Maybe we could even cooperate to bring in more advanced, secure, synchronisation protocol mixed with some P2P nature, connect to IRC, Jabber, Gnutella - simply integrating rebol into external world ... :-) Dream on :-) -pekr-