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[REBOL] Re: I've had it with email.

From: louisaturk:coxinet at: 29-Jul-2002 1:33

Hi Carl, At 04:54 PM 7/28/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello fellow REBOLers, > >[flame: on] > >Email has become useless to me. After 24 years of email, I think I'm >qualified say that the situation with spam has recently grown totally out >of hand. Each month I add ever more email filters to keep my email useful.
I still like email much better than postal mail, but I agree that spam is ruining email. Many of my friends are dropping their email accounts because of the increasing volume and offensiveness of spam. Some spam is absolutely sick. Spam is becoming a terrible problem for just about everyone.
> Currently, there are over 300 filters preprocessing my email.
I also have a large number of filters, plus I am forwarding spam to the senders email provider when possible. I probably receive over 100 messages each day (not counting list messages I want to receive) of which only 10 or so make it through my filters. The other 90 are time-wasting, bandwidth wasting junk.
>But, as you know from the REBOL web site, we think there are much better >ways to communicate. > >Email reminds me of general delivery postal mail. Anyone can send email to >anyone. Plus, it's not reliable, it's not secure, it's easy to spoof, >viruses poison attachments, it's limited in power (e.g. compare with >X-Internet here), and there's no way to stop the flood of spam. It has >become a tedious chore to deal with email (those of you who run web sites >or openly post your email address know what I mean). > >At this rate, I think email will be "dead" in a few years. In fact, let me >go on record saying that. A venture capitalist recently commented that >this was a bold statement... but just watch. You watch. I'm not saying >email will go away permanently. I'm saying that we'll have much better >ways to communicate. > >Those of you who've tried IOS have a good idea what I'm talking about. IOS >has been a great learning experience. Now, after more than 18 months of >using IOS, the future has become more clear. But, this is not intended to >be an ad for IOS... > >[flame: off] > >So... my new email address can be found on the contacts page of the > web site.
Wow! that is a really interesting email address!
>And, as always, if you've got something important to say about REBOL or >IOS, I'm always interested in hearing it. Contact me.
Does this mean we will have to have IOS to communicate with you? Or does this mean that you are soon releasing a new spam blocking, rebol based email client of some kind? I can see great potential in IOS, but it is totally out of reach costwise for our small non-profit organization. A free, but full-featured, email client that would make possible secure, spam-free communication between friends (or other non-commercial use) would (in my opinion) be extremely popular, and would be terrific advertisement for rebol and IOS. If it is not free, however, one would still be stuck with spam when communicating with friends unable or unwilling to buy the rebol based email client. Anton, I think you once mentioned having a lot of trouble with spam. Did you ever find a satisfactory solution? Louis