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[REBOL] Re: How to get Rebol forward ... (was) Re: Re: SVG dialect project

From: robert:muench:robertmuench at: 28-Apr-2003 17:48

> -----Original Message----- > From: [rebol-bounce--rebol--com] [mailto:[rebol-bounce--rebol--com]] > On Behalf Of Gregg Irwin > Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 12:35 AM > To: Maarten Koopmans > Subject: [REBOL] Re: How to get Rebol forward ... (was) Re: > Re: SVG dialect project > Fragmentation is both good and bad. It means we have options,
Hi, fragmentation and options are two different things IMO. That's why I used the word fragmentation. Fragmentation to me is, doing things that are related in a way, without any interface between those actions. On the other hand, closer related projects give the user options that are understandable. Example from your other mail:
> Your MDP is constrained by your copyright.
Well, I don't see it as a constraint, the copyright is quite weak. Further I haven't been contacted by anyone yet and I think the long term members of this mailing list know that I won't be picky about this kind of stuff. But you still see it as a problem and those things need to be addressed then. Anyway, IMO we have fragmention now. I have discussed some topics concerning Chris' make-doc version with him. He provides code etc. That's good and he helped me a lot with some issued for MDP. But wouldn't it be "better" to align those projects? Now I hear you say: Hey, right, so why don't you do it... Well, in terms of MDP I have tried with RT. Chris, IIRC we talked about it but never went down to the point. RT has some complains on MDP, but we didn't cleared them out too. Of course it's not easy to achieve and it's always a give and take from all. Don't get me wrong, I don't critize the community. The Rebol community is very cool! But I think we could do better on the fragmentation side. Maybe we should spend more efforts on consolidating the major Rebol projects. I'm trying to do so for IOS. We will see...
> The hard part with lots of projects - those that take any > significant amount of time that is - is that you need someone > to lead them.
Correct, but leading as project is mostly doable, implementing is hard, there more ressources are needed. The problem I see is, is that good projects really take a lot of effort and doing it in spare time is hard. You can do this maybe if you are a student ;-)) but not if you have a real-life job.
> Time is a big issue. I don't think manpower is so much of an > issue though. I.e. 2 or 3 people can do a lot with REBOL. > Communication is very important, and that's where the > fragmentation may hurt us most.
I see manpower as an issue. You need to allocate it and concentrate on your project. And convincing people to join your efforts while spending their free time is quite hard. I have thought about this the past few days, and I will change my pattern: I'm going to contract those people. I think this will speed things up. On the other hand, this means a business component is now major focus. But IMO this is not bad.
> To sum up, I can see lots of room for improvement, but I > don't think things are all that bad right now. :)
Things aren't bad at the moment but I'm sure we will stuck with our loved technology and don't make any significant progress if we don't try to look at other (non technology) issues too. Robert