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From: riusa:email:it at: 5-Jul-2002 14:54

Hi all, I send this email to everybody, but in expecially to Rebol creators, Rebol administrators, etc... Why? I wish to let you thinking it over Rebol licences, Macromedia Flash MX licences, software features, etc... These 2 programs are quite different, but for some software categories I can use both of them. Think about client/server systems like browser web and application server (like ColdFusion, like Zope, etc...). I have this configuration: ***************** ++++++++++++ ==================== *FLASH-MX CLIENT*---->+WEB SERVER+---->=APPLICATION SERVER***************** ++++++++++++ ==================== ************** ++++++++++++ ==================== *REBOL CLIENT*---->+WEB SERVER+---->=APPLICATION SERVER************** ++++++++++++ ==================== I can use XML to communicate (expecially in Flash MX) and I can dinamically generate Rebol code in Application server (I can always use XML if I wish). I don't want to make a deep analysis about 2 systems, but I want to lightlight you a problem I found in my company. I developed 2 different programs with the previous configuration (either Rebol or Flash MX). I developed 2 very fine software, but I encountered some problems about the licence. In Flash MX, I bought a Macromedia Flash MX package (I paid it about 600 euros plus IVA), but every client I distribute is "Free of charge". In contrast, by Rebol development system is cheaper (even using Command version I pay about of $ 350) but I need to order and to pay every client. Even if I wish use only Rebol/View or View/Pro I encounter the following problems: 1) I must buy a licence for every client (too much expensive); 2) Users that obtain "client" version, can always use Rebol language (Rebol does not distribute a "Player only", like Macromedia does) and it can be dangerous. Rebol is wonderful to use it for clients, but even Flash MX is a very good program. They have two different GUI systems, with pro & cons. But Rebol, for me, is too much expensive, and a Rebol player-only is missing. Please don't repeat me that if I buy a database like Oracle I have to buy clients, since Oracle is a World-wide RDBMS standard, many managers already know it, it is widespread, it is well-known from many people, there are thousand of companies that already use it, there is very much documentation, many companies the offer support, etc... Rebol is not the same thing. It is a very very very good young programming language. Rebol must spread itself. It is not yet so famous. Even if it is a good product, I have very few weapons to convince my boss to buy 50, 100, 200 licences of Rebol, but he made no problem when I said: please buy 4 licences of Macromedia Flash MX (we are 4 software developers). My flash clients are free! Result: Flash is still more used in my company. Please let me pay a Rebol development tool even 500 euros (like Flash) but let my clients free of charge! Furthermore, more people use Rebol, and more people directly debug it! More debug, better software! I like very much the opportunity that I have to write to Rebol mailing-list to solve my problems, but it is not enought. Another question: If I collaborate to develop Python (Open Source) I'm sure that I work for a common project, free-of-charge project. But why I should help (freely help) Rebol and Carl & co. to develop, debug, test, even write documentation, etc... if they sell and gain money from the product?! How many people exist that they think the same thing but they don't say that?! (is the same if I think it about Macromedia Flash... why I should help Macromedia if they SELL and gain money my work?!). I think they should obtain more help if... do you know Python? Of course, you must eat, and you need money! I propose a solution: 1) Rebol development kit (an example): 1a) Rebol/Core - FREE 1b) Rebol/View - FREE 1c) Rebol/View/Pro - $99 1d) Rebol/Command - $500 (maybe included a Rebol editor, something like Komodo... see about Python). 2) Rebol player (like Macromedia Flash player): * ALL FREE! Free distribution! Free-of-charge! My customers will * Be happy, since they will not pay for player. * I can distribute applications over Internet and let my customers use Rebol-GUI to access to my Internet site, and everything could be free-of-charge. I could even use encrypted communications, library and DB access, etc... Rebol full power! Bye! --Alessandro--