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[REBOL] Re: Dialect for Flash files

From: agem:crosswinds at: 19-Jun-2001 4:51

RE: [REBOL] Re: Dialect for Flash files Hi Etienne [etienne--alaurent--free--fr] wrote:
> Hi, Carl, > > Le mar, 19 jun 2001, vous avez écrit : > >Yep, we all know about Squeak... It's been around > >for a while now. The guys who wrote it are old > >friends of mine from Apple computer. It's based > >on Smalltalk-80... and remains true to that design, > >thanks to a good team... now at Disney. > > > >However, Squeak has different objectives that REBOL. > > That's true. > > >Squeak is meant to be an entire programming environment > >whereas REBOL is meant to create lightweight network > >applications. >
hum. what needs a programming environment what a lightweight network environment does not need? lots of people accessing the same source for lots of reasons..
> I agree. > > >On my system here, Squeak takes about > >30 seconds to start (REBOL/View takes about 2 seconds), > >and it's meant to be kept open the entire time. > > On my system (Linux Mandrake 7 + Pentium II/300 + 192 Mb mem + 30 Gb hard > disk), the Squeak basic environment takes about 5 seconds to start, and > REBOL/View takes 2 seconds. Anyway, there is no problem, because I don't use > Squeak. > > >So, each language has its merits. > > I agree again. > > >Use the language that makes the most sense for what you want to do. > > I use REBOL/View because it is ok for me. > > >There really are no "winners". Most languages continue to exist. > >Fortran and Cobol are still used today. > > I agree again and again. > > Anymay, I'm dreaming of a complete programming environment for REBOL, > compatible with lightweight network programming. It could be so cool ;-) > > I'm dreaming... I'm dreaming... >
What do you want to write? i have rebol-desktop, inbuild editor, and a language which does lots with few code. gui-builder is called vid with no mouse-dragging but 3 run-trials and done, trial 3 seconds. wizzards like m$-build-everything? simple syntax and some meta-programming and no mfc.. there is index-maker which creates desktop-indices for the rebol-desktop for a whole directory-tree. after that desktop competes with most source-browsers IMHO. a external file-browser (Carl, you mentioned you have parts of an own browser?), if Carl would allow us linuxers a 'browse-file like with windows, we could start it from desktop too.. without hacking netscape-script. oops, i didn't write that. clean-script-gui cleans scripts as well as every formatter, and if i need global searching there are some tempates flying around here. well, searching the templates.. whats more is a CPE? ok, three quarters the time are experiments and looking in source, but i see Carls how-to's doing better than CPE-bibles. seems he starts to _speak_ rebol :) rest is about capabilities: 3D, flash, speed and so on. the question: is simple plugging in is a good way? you know, spaceships: the fast guys starting the hard year-flight with current stuff, visited half the way by the later guys on a holliday-tour.. which never understand all the stuff the fast guys where talking about, cause of other jobs. if rebol can be made ready for them, its better than having flash or that and not being able to use.. but dreaming- oh yes dreaming :-) does not mean i would not like squeak too. where is it? -Volker