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[REBOL] Re: GVIM Editor

From: louisaturk:eudoramail at: 13-Mar-2002 2:40

Tim, Thanks for all the help and hints. At 08:11 PM 3/12/2002 -0900, you wrote:
> To advocate for Chris here, I believe that emacs is an easier start > than vim.
I'm very interested to hear why Chris likes emacs. I've not yet decided on an editor.
> Now I've got a thought - perhaps it would be worthwhile > for vim users on this list to exchange resources. AND it might be > worthwhile for emacs users on this list to exchange resources too.
That is a great idea.
> Sterling uses Emacs and has written some articles for the webzine > that I and friends publish......
Yes, I remember reading one of them. Sterling, are you out there? I would also like to know why you use emacs? Would you share your rebol programming macros and scripts or whatever you call them with us? Does Carl use emacs also?
> I believe a tremendous rebol IDE could be "constructed" from either > vim or emacs. AND frankly most IDEs don't accomodate multiple languages > in the same session. (Like try loading a perl file into C++ Builder, > aargh!)
Yes, a rebol IDE is what I need. But I would rather see it programmed using rebol, so that I can add my own extensions without having to learn yet another language. I just simply don't have time to learn another language. I really don't have enough time to get real good at rebol. What would be nice would be a rebol editor/IDE designed in a simple modular fashion and clearly commented so that we could all easily share our extensions to it. We could pick and choose only the extensions that we need so that our personal copy of the editor remains small and fast. One thing I really like about rebol is that it is so easy to install. And to install a script you just copy it to your harddrive and use it. I don't like being tied to any particular operating system. That's what I would like, but meanwhile I still need an editor.
> > May I please get a copy? > > I am attaching filetype.vim and rebol.vim. I would suggest backing > up the originals...
The list server would not send them as attachments. Would you please send them as attachments again directly to my email address?
> > > > Except for the paste problem, there is only one thing about vim I have > > found so far that I don't like: when long lines are wrapped vim skips the > > wrapped part of the line completely when pressing j or k, and goes to the > > next line. Is it possible to change this? > > :set nowrap
But sometimes I want the lines wrapped, but I don't want the wrapped part of the lines skipped when moving the cursor up or down. Why can't I find that perfect editor? What I really want is an editor that will automatically know what I need even when I don't, and will write all the code for me without me having to touch the keyboard. :>) Have I described emacs, Chris? I appreciate all you guys on this list. You've all taught me a lot. Many thanks! Louis