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[REBOL] Re: [python]

From: tim:johnsons-web at: 19-Nov-2003 17:17

* Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch <[maximo--meteorstudios--com]> [031118 10:20]:
> I thought we had a hard time getting concensus... > > boy I've been on the python list for a day and got 150 mails.. many of them are down right rude.
I program about equally in python and rebol....
> python may have more users, but its also a wild jungle. > > its also found it fun to follow a thread called: > > Re: Too much builtins (was Re: Python's simplicity philosophy) > when I know that it takes 50 modules to do what rebol does with the > amount of code in the equivalent of 3 of them (without needing to > actually load them ... ;-)
I am glad that the python community is addressing this issue - I just spent the better part of two days trying to resolve a pyGTK interface, Yikes! what a can of worms....
> This while running 5-10 times faster... and having a much more reusable code base in any circumstance.
I've really not seen such an all-around speedup of rebol over python to that degree. What comparisons have you made? I would feel safe suggesting that line-for-line, (speaking from my experience only) rebol is probably 50% more productive than python. Python appears to take cues from other languages with their adaptation of list comprehensions. It would be nice if they could blur or eliminate distinctions between assignment and code like rebol does.
> They still have nice souls on the list, I got an answer within the day like here.
Both MLs are very helpful, yes I have found that too...
> But when reading about the more "philosophical" debates, like we > sometimes have, there seems to less intent on cooperation and > solutions than on proving someone's point.
I do find more opinionated positions on the python ML, but then 1)python is more 'established' than rebol. (older 'community) 2)Python implements a more 'conservative' or 'structured' or 'disciplined' (pick your adjective here) approach than rebol.
> no need to follow up, it was just a short message to illustrate how this list fares towards its "competition" :-)
I tend to make the opinion here from time to time that rebol needs to build up a distribution package like python and perl have. That would attract more programmers to it (IMHO), and that would include my partner who is a dedicated 'perlhead' mostly because of all the modules. On the other hand, care must be taken to insure that 'resources' don't become too dependendant-heavy, which probably lead to the python thread that you're referring to above. And my nightmarish experience that I refer to above. MTCW: tim -- Tim Johnson <[tim--johnsons-web--com]>