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[REBOL] Looking over the horizon - Rebol 3

From: andrew:martin:colenso:school at: 24-Dec-2003 22:45

What would Rebol, version 3 look like? Here's some of my thoughts: * Lots more datatypes! For example, a Telephone! data type, temperature, audio/sound data-type, metric and imperial units like 123.5Km, 50MpH, and so on. I'd like a Rebol script that can ring a cell phone and deliver a spoken message to me. Like: if Temperature < 1.0C [ telephone +25-123-4567 rejoin [ %FrostWarning.wav %At.wav %Location.wav ] ] * Runs on .Net so one can get a native Windows user interface, and it can run under Linux (using Rotor and other open source .NET initiatives), and capable of working with other languages under the .NET CLR. (This could be done with current version of Rebol if compiled using .NET's free C++ compiler!) * Prefix, infix and postfix evaluation of functions referred to by words. * Rebol can define new infix and postfix operators/functions as well as the standard Prefix functions. Here's a simplistic example: +: :Join * A way to access words outside of the current context. Perhaps extending the refinement! data-type, like: /Foo: 123 ; set the value of 'Foo outside this context to 123. * Regular Expressions as well as parse, which acts much like Perl's regexp. * Printing. :) * Native XML! data-type. Anything else you'd want on your wish list for Rebol 3? Andrew J Martin Attendance Officer Speaking in tongues and performing miracles. Colenso High School Arnold Street, Napier. Tel: 64-6-8310180 ext 826 Fax: 64-6-8336759 DISCLAIMER: Colenso High School and its Board of Trustees is not responsible (or legally liable) for materials distributed to or acquired from user e-mail accounts. You can report any misuse of an e-mail account to our ICT Manager and the complaint will be investigated. (Misuse can come in many forms, but can be viewed as any material sent/received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language and/or other issues described in our Acceptable Use Policy.) All outgoing messages are certified virus-free by McAfee GroupShield Exchange Phone: +64 6 843 5095 or Fax: +64 6 833 6759 or E-mail: [postmaster--colenso--school--nz]