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[REBOL] Re: Object viewer

From: allenk:powerup:au at: 16-Feb-2001 8:25

Cool Jeff. I've tinkered with it, see below. I guess it could be extended to present different colours based on type! but I left it with just color coding the objects. Cheers, Allen K REBOL [ Title: "Object as Tree" Author: "Jeff Kreis" Email: [jeff--rebol--com] Date: 15-Feb-2001 Purpose: "View an object in tree view" Comment: "Works with any object" History: [16-Feb-2001 ["Allen K" "Cosmetic changes, coloured text, removed bg alt-rows"]] ] view-obj: func [ 'objw "A word that refers to an object" /local obj data this-parent this-val this-word expanded? this-depth val new-val ][ if not object? obj: get objw [make error! "View-obj views objects"] data: make block! 300 ;- this-parent this-val this-word expanded? depth repend data [none obj objw off 0] cnt: 0 view/offset this-tree: layout [ backdrop 90.90.240 h2 yellow (reform ["Object Viewer:" objw]) across space 0 lst: list 500x430 [ txt 500 black ivory [ ;-- First find parent and from there ; find this thing val: pick face/user-data 2 this-spot: find data face/user-data/1 this-spot: skip find next this-spot :val -2 set [this-parent this-val this-word expanded? this-depth] this-spot either expanded? [ ;-- Remove stuff that has me as a parent spot: skip find/last data :this-val 5 remove/part skip this-spot 5 spot change at this-spot 4 off ][ either object? :this-val [ ;-- Add my stuff to data below me spot: skip this-spot 5 new-data: make block! 50 foreach word next first this-val [ if unset? set/any 'val get/any in this-val word [val: unset!] repend new-data [this-val :val word off this-depth + 1] ] insert spot new-data change at this-spot 4 on ;- Expanded? ][ ;-- Edit my value this-lay: layout [ backdrop 90.90.240 h2 yellow (reform ["Value of:" this-word]) this-area: area 300x300 (mold :this-val) across txt yellow "do?" do-check: check off this-set: button "set" this-close: button "close" ] ;- Use compose to stick the values in ; there so there can be more than ; one of these windows open and each ; button action will refer to its ; own instance values. this-set/action: compose [ set this-val: in (this-parent) (to-lit-word this-word) new-val: load (this-area/text) if get in (do-check) 'data [new-val: set this-val do new-val] change/only at (reduce [this-spot]) 2 :new-val unview/only (this-lay) ] this-close/action: compose [unview/only (this-lay)] center-face this-lay view/new this-lay ] ] show lst ] ] supply [ ;-- Set up each face of the ; iterated pane based on what's in data face/text: none ; face/font/color: black set-font face 'color leaf count: count + cnt ; face/color: either even? count [200.200.200][ivory] if tail? spot: skip data ((count - 1) * 5) [return none] face/user-data: reduce [spot/1 spot/3] this-val: pick spot 2 face/text: head insert/dup reform [ either object? :this-val [ set-font face 'color blue either spot/4 ["--"]["+-"] ][#] spot/3 ] " " spot/5 ] sld: slider 16x430 [ c: to-integer value * ((length? data) / 5) if c <> cnt [cnt: c show lst] ] return button "quit" [quit] ] 150x50 ] view-obj system