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[REBOL] Re: need help with comparison operator <> evaluation

From: Steven:White:ci:bloomington:mn:us at: 14-Nov-2003 10:49

Regarding your statements: INPUT-FILE: make string! INPUT-FILE etc., are you trying to convert the words INPUT-FILE and OUTPUT-FILE to strings for examination, and then to file names for reading? If so, I believe that the "make" function is not the one for the job, and might be clobbering the values in INPUT-FILE and OUTPUT-FILE. I believe the proper functions for those operations would be "to-file" and to-string. Keeping in mind that I am a beginner...Hope That Helps. Steven White City of Bloomington 1800 W Old Shakopee Rd Bloomington MN 55431-3096 USA 952-563-4882 (voice) 952-563-4672 (fax) [steven--white--ci--bloomington--mn--us]
>>> [sendit2me--linuxmail--org] 11/14/03 10:06AM >>>
Greetings, It seems like I always have the hardest time trying to do the simplest things. For instance in the code snipet below the not equal comparison EXTENSION-IN <> ".txt" always evaluates to true and always appends ".txt" to the end of the string even if there's already .txt at the end of the string. I don't understand. Thanks in advance. INPUT-FILE: ask "Enter name of file with numbers to be processed: " comment { user enters owwnumbers.txt } OUTPUT-FILE: ask "Enter name of output file: " INPUT-FILE: make string! INPUT-FILE OUTPUT-FILE: make string! OUTPUT-FILE comment { Are the last 4 chars of the str equal to ".txt"? If not append ".txt" to the end of the string. } EXTENSION-IN: substr INPUT-FILE ( (length? INPUT-FILE ) - 3) 4 print EXTENSION-IN comment { prints out .txt on the screen} EXTENSION-OUT: substr OUTPUT-FILE ( (length? OUTPUT-FILE ) - 3) 4 if [EXTENSION-IN <> ".txt"] [append INPUT-FILE ".txt" ] if [EXTENSION-OUT <> ".txt"] [append OUTPUT-FILE ".txt" ] INPUT-FILE: make file! INPUT-FILE OUTPUT-FILE: make file! OUTPUT-FILE DIAL-PEERS-NUMBERS: read/lines INPUT-FILE ... ** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Documents and Settings/svondrasek/Desktop/REBOL/owwnumbers.txt.txt ** Near: DIAL-PEERS-NUMBERS: read/lines INPUT-FILE Steve Vondrasek -- ______________________________________________ Check out the latest SMS services @ This allows you to send and receive SMS through your mailbox. Powered by Outblaze