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[REBOL] Re: web forum

From: swhite:ci:bloomington:mn:us at: 23-Feb-2010 12:20

I added a comment, on the message board, that I liked the idea of just one place, although I don't care where. I wonder if it would be a good idea if that "one place" was a place where people who work at REBOL showed up now and then. I do realize that I don't know WHO works at REBOL besides Carl, so maybe that already is the case with the mailing list. But I also do realize that Carl has mentioned that he does NOT read the mailing list. The point is, for a perpetual beginner like me, an extremely important part of the whole picture of using a programming language is being able to get help. That is even more important when the documentation is not as thorough is it is for some of the more established languages. I believe Carl has made a comment about REBOL being used in an "un-REBOL-like" way. I don't know the details. But, if a mailing list or a forum is just a bunch of guys trying to figure out how to use REBOL from incomplete documentation, and supporting each other, then some of that is not unexpected. Maybe it would help if a mailing list or forum had some access to sources closer to the Ultimate Source of good REBOL coding, that use REBOL the way it was envisioned. Steven White City of Bloomington 1800 W Old Shakopee Rd Bloomington MN 55431-3096 USA 952-563-4882 (voice) 952-563-4672 (fax)
>>> Tim Johnson <> 1/21/2010 4:08 PM >>>
* Graham Chiu <> [100121 10:49]:
> Hi Gregg > > Yes, it is down still so that's the reason I created this board. > > On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 7:40 AM, Gregg Irwin <> wrote: > > > > Hi Graham, > > > > GC> For those who have need of a web forum, I have created one for REBOL > > > > GC> > > > > Looks nice Graham. Is REBOLTalk still down? I haven't been there in a > > while, and can't get in right now.
Here is my two cents worth, for what that is worth: I feel that it is not a good thing for the rebol online community to have multiple portals. The rebol community is such a small community that have more than one "meeting place" just diffuses us further. For my situtation, altme has not worked for me for years, because my linux platform has not supported altme, and furthermore, I've not found altme a good medium for code exchange, although I guess it functions as a "chat room" and many 'rebolers may like it for that reason. There has been considerable discussion in the last few months, both on and off of this ML about my offer of hosting the Mailing List on my server, which I lease from cniweb. The problem has been: 1)Carl has wanted to keep contiguous message IDs 2)The leasor of my server has told me that he would need to charge for his time to meet Carl's expecations *unless* he be given time to research the issue at his leisure and leisure has been in short supply for him lately. And of course, the current listserv has had frequent outages over the years.... My medium of choice is actually an online forum. It is very good for code exchange, one can edit one's own posts. Categorization is available, etc. I think we should consider making Graham's site the "meeting place" for the rebol community. Consider this message to be one vote in favor. Hopefully I'm not making more work for Graham. :) regards -- Tim