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[REBOL] Re: Rugby XPi : The next generation

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 24-Jan-2002 6:29

Maarten Koopmans wrote:
> Hi All, > > I am currently working on Rugby XPi , the next major version of Rugby. > But I need to know some features that you may want. > > Currently I am building in the following functions: > > - exec-code: func [ passsword [string!] code [block!]] ; execute code in a > running rugby server >
is it replacement for rexec?
> - functions? [password [string!]] ;returns a list of available functions
function names only? Or function definitions similar to 'help function output, including comments and parameters required?
> - profiling [ password [string!] b [logic!]] ;Turns on and of profiling on > or off on exposed functions
eh, I do not know what the profiling is at all :-)
> - ping ; Check to see if the server is alive > - publish [ password [string!] name [file!] content [block! string!] desc > [block! string!]];publish content on this rugby server
what is this one? What is the difference to below mentioned 'add-function?
> - get-content [ password [string!] /name n [file!]];get all content or just > the named one n > - add-friend [password [string!] url [url!]]; Add another rugby server to > your friend list
... and what does this one mean? Does it mean I can call some yet-another-rugby-server function, performing just call to the rugby server I am connected to (bridge functionality)?
> - remove-friend [password [string!] url [url!]]; The opposite > - search [desc [string! block!]]; Search for content > - add-functions [ password [string!] func-list [block!]]; Add functions to a > rugby service > - remove-functions [password [string!] func-list[block!]]; the opposite > - set-password [old [string!]new[string!]]
set-password [old [string!]new[string!] confirm [string!]] ; :-) - avoiding typos ...
> get-rugby-service will always return an object as of the next version > > The XML-RPC stuff will go final there as well.
And that's something I am not clear about. I remember discussion of adding additional stuff to Rugby. You told me that such stuff should go to user level. What is the point of adding XML-RPC as an transport mechanism directly to Rugby? I want SOAP, someone else will want Jabber protocols etc etc and we will end up with Rugby-installation-on-CD :-) Well - I haven't looked at latest Rugby as I am really not interested in XML-RPC - so - what layer does it live in? Is it in your http layer? If so, we should/could probably modularize here, to let ppl choose, what upper-layer communication mechanism they choose. As I said - we will have to support SOAP one day, if we want to talk to web-services servers ...
> Various bug fixes, of course... > Better docs (volunteers anyone? remarks?) > > Plus various view/console based utilities, such as a service monitor, a > remote console and ...??? > I'll also bundle tail-func, contract, erebol and some other stuff as extra > utilities. > It may take some time, but we'll get there! > > Many thanks to those that have donated to Rugby development so far and the > kind emails of the last few days! > > Please respond with your comments, so I can make Rugby better!
Compressed retrieval of stubs in both tcp and http layers. GoRIM was example - 47 KB vs. 6KB compressed - will speed-up connection set-up time ... Thanks for continuing Rugby development! -pekr-