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[REBOL] Re: ssl and image generation /command features?

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 27-Apr-2001 6:45

Holger Kruse wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 07:01:50PM +0200, Petr Krenzelok wrote: > > "On the server, REBOL/Core/Pro adds encryption, external library access, and > > shell application access to REBOL/Core. REBOL/Command extends even further > > to include direct database connectivity, SSL (secure sockets, HTTPS), Fast > > CGI, and image generation functions." > > > > ... above info is taken from website. Could anyone from RT > > clarify, please? > > Sure. Still subject to change though. We will make more detailed > announcements shortly. > > > 1) SSL? Wasn't it said it would add some 1MB of code to Rebol size? > > Yes, usually it would... > > > Are we talking just any kind of library layer, or full implementation? > > A full implementation, at least client-side, without accessing any external > libraries, i.e. self-contained within Command, built on top of our tcp:// > scheme and encryption engine, which has been further enhanced for Command. > > This includes SSLv2, SSLv3, TLSv1, DES, 3DES and ARCFOUR in export strength > (and in the non-export version of Command, 128-bit encryption), schemes for > ssl:// and tls:// (compatible with 'wait and open/no-wait), and an https:// > scheme, interoperable with http:// (for redirects between both schemes etc.), > and support for tunneling through socks and generic proxies. Should be > compatible with pretty much any network setup and secure web server out there. > > We managed to squeeze all of this into less than 200 kB of additional code > (x86 version) :-).
Ah, how's that - 200 kb? Earlier arguments were something like 1MB :-) Compression? Or just only client side ssl support? Or are you magician? :-)
> Features we MAY include (not sure yet -- space/feature trade-off) are > extended error messages, support for ssl/tls server side, and certificate > access/management. > > > 2) what does it mean "image generation functions" and what is its purpose on > > server side? > > Large parts of the View engine (image! datatype, image refinements for load > and save, ability to save/png images into a binary!, effects and draw > pipeline etc.), useful for dynamic creation of images for web pages in > CGI/FastCGI environments. > > Probably no VID or text support though.
Ah, but look at Carl's example - VID is good for diagrams, shcemes, what is more - you can save your layout as an image.
> Text support would require X > libraries and X server access,
or :-))) .... surprise, surprise - your own font rendering system .... hey, add this and you are near new stand-alone OS .... well, not so near probably :-) Aren't there any free or licenceable font engines? Elate uses some external IIRC, QNX too ....
> which are often unavailable on web servers.
tell them to reinstall ;-) -pekr-