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From: cyphre:volny:cz at: 4-Oct-2001 11:09

Hello Holger, Thanks for your reply ;) ----- Original Message ----- From: <[holger--rebol--com]> To: <[rebol-list--rebol--com]> Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 7:37 PM Subject: [REBOL] Re: P2P Q&A
> On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 03:17:30PM +0200, Richard Smolak wrote: > > > -possibility of creating/changing events > > On our list. Being able to "remote control" View would be quite cool... >
Great, I'm so impatient :-)
> > -better mouse handling (show/hide/change mouse pointer, fixed OVER
> Perhaps, but keep in mind that this is highly platform-dependant. The > best you can probably do across platforms is either to use named, > default mouse pointers (such as 'normal, 'busy, 'text, 'pointer etc.) > or custom graphics up to 16x16 monochrome transparent. > > > -event sensing when face moved > > -native face collision support > > Those two sound like you want to use faces as sprites in games. Not > really what they were intended for... >
Yes but View engine is fast enough for creating 2D and even some simple 3D games so why not implement collisions? I cannot see into the guts of View engine but this wouldn't be so hard to implement imo. It the face has in options word 'sprite then each visible pixel(or pixel of user chosen color(s))of this face will be checked during rendering... But maybe I'm wrong and the problematics is more complicated. Regarding event sensing: Few moths ago I had a chat with Carl about that feature at link conference. Carl put this into bug database at /Link developers server so I thought this will be solved in any future release...
> > -alpha channel and convolve funcitons available at developer's level > > On our list. >
great :)
> > -more complex working of effect pipeline (alowing any combination of fx > > commands) > > Actually all combinations are supposed to work, but there are a few bugs. > On our list. >
Great!! Sometimes, I'm puzzled when building effect block ;-)
> > -improved(crash when drawing outside of bounds, "circle" bug...) > > Do you have reproducable cases ? That "crash when drawing outside of > bounds" is a running joke in our office. Every time Sterling wants to > demonstrate it to me he cannot reproduce it. I have yet to actually > see it :-). >
try: do nice 3D demo isn't it? ;-) try to use cursor arrows to great... then try '+' an '-' keys on the keypad...when you zoom "out of the bounds" /View will crash... I think it is due some problem during creating of image datatype itself. Looks like when you create new image and draw out of bounds...looks like we can "draw" into unallocated memory or so? I have found out that rebol crashes when usually "fill" into negative coordinates but this is not a rule...
> Circle bug ? What bug ?
You don't know legendary "circle" bug? ;-) try this: view layout [box with [effect: [draw [pen red fill-pen red circle 50x50 20]]]]
> > enhanced(size of lines, filled-patterns, elipse, anti-aliasing...,
> > gradients) DRAW dialect > > Hmmmm.... Turning View into X11... Filled patterns have been on the list > all along and are still planned. Circle gradients: perhaps: Custom > widths, anti-aliasing and ellipses: not sure. The code for those tends > to get complex and big very quickly. >
Why not elipses when you have done circle? I thought It's question of one parameter...
> > -native rotation of face's content in any angle > > Difficult to do if you expect results in reasonable quality :), i.e. > anti-aliased etc. >
I will be very happy even with rotation without anti-aliasing :) Anyway, thanks for your comment. It put more light into the situation about the way of the next View... Last question, when we can expect next release of /View? ;-) regards, Cyphre