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[REBOL] Re: Size?

From: antonr:lexicon at: 12-Dec-2004 2:23

In my tests on WinXP, it looks like the sensible limit is 2147483647 == to-integer #{7FFFFFFF} However, in my tests (see code below), the size integer returned by INFO? wraps around to -2147483648 and continues up from there as you increase the file size, so at least on WinXP you can get up to 4 Gigabytes (minus 1) and still accurately test for size (albeit with a bit of careful integer hackery). When 4Gig is reached, the size returned is zero. If you further increase the file size from here, then INFO? just gives a zero size result. Anton.
> If the size of a file is larger than the max > value of an integer, how can I then retrieve > the size? > > Thank you > > Steffen
(watch out for unintended line wrapping...) rebol [ Title: "" File: %test-max-file.r Date: 12-Dec-2004 Version: 1.0.0 Needs: [] Author: "Anton Rolls" Language: 'English Purpose: {Determine maximum file size which can be tested accurately} Usage: {} ToDo: { - } History: [ 1.0.0 [12-Dec-2004 {First version} "Anton"] ] Notes: { In rebol, file sizes are typically stored in signed integers. Therefore the theoretical limit is: 2147483647 == to-integer #{7FFFFFFF} } ] file: %/L/big-rebol-file ; <- on a volume with enough space !! ; create a large string, but not so large it exhausts our memory block-size: 1024 * 1024 * 16 ; 16 Megabytes str: make string! block-size ; pre-allocate the string insert/dup str "1" block-size ; <- fill the string str-1: copy/part str back tail str ; <- one character less if exists? file [delete file] expected-size: 0 repeat n 255 [ ; (also try to 127) print [n "^-Expected size:" expected-size "^-SIZE? size:" size? file] write/append file str expected-size: attempt [expected-size + block-size] ; catch integer overflow errors ] print ["SIZE? size:" size? file] write/append file str-1 ; just below overflow limit print ["SIZE? size:" size? file] ; <- size comes back as a negative number write/append file "F" ; <- this causes the size integer overflow (number becomes negative) print ["SIZE? size:" size? file] write/append file "1" print ["SIZE? size:" size? file] ;halt