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[ALLY] Re: REBOL 2.5 Released

From: brian:hawley at: 29-Mar-2001 11:19

Mike Riley <[mike_riley_--hotmail--com]> wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response, Bo. I'll try the error routine you > suggested, but that same code works as expected on other REBOL platforms > (Win32, Linux, Solaris, etc.). > > As for the .r association, WinCE doesn't work the way Win9x/NT, etc. does > with respect to asking the user to associate the file type. Instead, an > action must be explicitly added to the registry, which is what I did. > Unfortunately, the syntax I used (which works for all other apps I've > installed on the PocketPC) doesn't seem to apply to rebol.exe for some > reason.
I am running the same version on the HP Jornada 820. REBOL on that platform doesn't pay attention to command-line parameters. I tried the association method Bo suggested (use the explorer menu command File:Associate), the same registry hack you did, and even running it from the command line (the Jornada has one, cmd.exe). All parameters are ignored. I found this out right after it was published. I haven't sent in a feedback yet because I accidently left my Jornada at home.
> One last question that occurred to me - how does one set the REBOL_HOME > variable on WinCE? Since there is no start up files like autoexec.bat to > set the environment variable, is there another way to do this?
I don't think WinCE has environment variables. There are at least no commands to get or set them in the shell. It doesn't have an executable search path either. That's why all of the existing programs are in the \Windows directory. REBOL starts up in the root directory. If you put a %user.r file there it will be read. Here's how I set my system up: Files: rebol.exe in \Windows user.r in \ All other script files in "\Program Files\REBOL" Data files with all the others in "\My Documents" user.r: REBOL [ Title: "User Preferences" Date: 26-Mar-2001 ] ; Replacement for environment variables system/options/home: %"/Program Files/REBOL/" system/user/home: %"/My Documents/" ; Network and other settings... That works for me. I really would like the ability to use command line parameters, particularly --nowindow and --do. I already feel better about my computer with REBOL on it :) It is especially troublesome without a keyboard on the PocketPC, where full paths have to be tapped into the pop-up keyboard (a real pain!). Yeah, it's a lot easier on the HP820, which is more like a sub-sub-notebook, keyboard and all. Your's is smaller, has more RAM and can be upgraded, so you probably have a more useful computer. I'll just have to console myself with 10 hours of usable battery life... :) Brian Hawley