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[REBOL] Re: Reference docs for View

From: agem:crosswinds at: 9-Jul-2001 15:59

RE: [REBOL] Re: Reference docs for View [Petr--Krenzelok--trz--cz] wrote:
> > 3. Well, they won't say that, merely _think_ : "What do you expect for > > fifty bucks ... ???" (/View/Pro) > > > > /Command being also cheap for a professional tool. Nevertheless, > > external library support is included in ALL of the free, open source > > scripting languages (well, WHY hasn't the growing ambitious > > REBOL community including me opt for Perl or Python --- it is another story, > > though...:-)) ) and it is a sneaky marketing politics, making the > > self-containing "hermetic" version of REBOL free and the > > "system-connectable" one THE product. It would have been more fair > > that they include shell access in the public version and release the > > "industry-strength" ODBC interface in the commercial version. > > It is wise that encryption is included not in the free but in the > > payware /Pro versions, but the toy-level sound support as a companion ... ;-)) > > > > We (especially me, I am famous because of that ;-) screamed loudly some year or > more ago that to boost rebol usage we need: > > - library and (or at least) shell to become part of /Core = free > - we need dynamic loadable components (or at least some kind of key unlocking paid > components), to allow: > a) per component pricing - e.g. you have bought ODBC, but would like to buy native > mySQL support > b) while we take care of size of Rebol executable and RT seems to be carefull > about new additions, we would not probably care of /Sound separate component being > of some 500Kb size itself >
the problems i see: - you cant disconnect before downloading everything eventually needed and go fishing with laptop. - there is huge overhead in coding if you have check everywhere if feature x is installed. and tell the user thank you for buing this great script blabla for DM15. as i see you need featrues x y z DM 123 to use it . somewhere on list complained he must workaround mising sound..
> As for current state of Sound being awailable only to /Pro payed version - it is > COMPLETLY nonsense, contraproductive, as current sound capabilities are of merely > no value to commercial developers, while making external world laugh at us to pay > for such things as sound capabilities.
its even heavier than that. having this window open, minimized.. with sound is now standard ~everywhere, and showing colleagues this nice new jungle-settings. :) if rebol-scripts would be customized with nice sounds, button "quit" play goodbye-my-friend [..] they would get fine first-look-attention. now for a while no scripts will be aware of that..
>I am not saying it to piss RT here, right?! > I am saying it because that's how things are - ppl having ironic notes to Rebol - > hey, pekr, do you need capability X? Ask Carl, maybe he will produce some
/CapabilityX for you. Ah, of course, prepare to pay for it
> . Very typical notion I > am blind to, ask I know Rebol has great value for me - it just makes our (rebol > promoters) lives more difficult in external (non-rebol) world ... >
they do not use windows?! Present them the Bill.. but then, Bill does not need loyal friends who promote him. using something silent is easier.. maybe RT should look at $large-large-large PR-investions for XP and realize they could have (and need?) similar effects with smaller budge if they feed their grasroots instead stumping them. if HDC can illusion a while "net can only be programmed with clicks", how interested will people look at LDC ? Well, if peoples and mass are their market.
> I am not good at programming, never programmed in C - it's surely my handicap. So > I can just speculate, if we still need some Rebol components architecture, API to > Rebol kernel, to hook our own components in. We currently have libraries and we > could do much with it, I just don't know if without proper knowledge of Rebol > internals even thouse skilled enough could bring some usefull components to > us.... but of course, I can imagine some kind of API exposed to external component > developers, to hook in more closely into Rebol kernel architecture ... > > One Czech company - Humusoft, became official developer of Matlab components for > Mathsoft, maybe Cyphre Ltd. could by future Rebol component developer for Rebol > Technologies :-) > > So, enough :-) > > Cheers, > -pekr- >