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[REBOL] Re: Counting chars (was Simple things should be simpl e to do ?)

From: rsnell:webtrends at: 17-Nov-2000 10:18

Here is my map. There a couple of ini methods that I use to support ini files (map of maps). I'm sure it can be improved in many ways so caveat emptor... ------------------------------------------------------- REBOL [Title: "Map Object"] map!: make object! [ name: copy "" keys: make block! 20 vals: copy [] length?: func[] [system/words/length? keys] empty?: func [] [system/words/empty? head keys] clear: func [] [keys: make block! 20 vals: copy [] name: copy ""] get: func [k /default def] [return either default [map-get/default self k def] [map-get self k]] set: func [k v] [return map-set self k v] remove: func [k] [return map-remove self k] load-ini: func [] [clear return map-load-ini name] save-ini: func [] [map-save-ini self name] ] map-get: func [ "return value of key - or default if no key and default given - or none" map "map" key "key" /default "default value to return if key isn't found" def "default value" /local s ] [ s: find map/keys key either s [ return first at map/vals index? s ] [ either default [return def] [return none] ] ] map-set: func [ "adds new key/value or changes value of existing key" map "map" key "key" val "val" /local s ] [ s: find map/keys key either s [ change at map/vals index? s reduce val return true ] [ append map/keys reduce key append map/vals reduce val return false ] ] map-remove: func [ "removes key/value from map" map "map" k "key" /local p v ] [ either none? p: find map/keys k [ return false ] [ k: pick map/vals p: index? p remove at map/keys p remove at map/vals p return true ] ] map-load-ini: func [ "loads a map from an ini file" inifile [file! string!] "ini file to read from" /local l secname key val lines gm m ] [ if not exists? to-file inifile [return none] lines: read/lines to-file inifile gm: make map! [name: to-string inifile] foreach l lines [ either #"[" = pick l 1 [ parse l [thru "[" copy secname to "]"] if not (length? secname) = 0 [ m: make map! [name: secname] map-set gm secname m ] ] [ trim l if not (length? l) = 0 [ parse l [copy key to "=" skip copy val to end] either all [key val] [ map-set m trim key trim val ] [ if key [map-set m trim key ""] ] ] ] ] return gm ] map-save-ini: func [ "saves a map to an ini file" map "map" inifile [file! string!] "ini file to save to" /local str gk gv gkey gval keys vals key val ] [ str: make string! 5000 gk: map/keys gv: map/vals foreach gkey gk [ print gkey append str reduce[#"[" gkey #"]" newline] gval: first gv keys: gval/keys vals: gval/vals gv: next gv foreach key keys [ val: first vals vals: next vals append str reduce[key "=" val newline] print [key "=" val] ] append str newline ] print "save-ini" print inifile either error? try [write to-file inifile str] [return false][return true] ]