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From: m:koopmans2:chello:nl at: 12-Jun-2001 11:20

> Automation is good! As for me, I only started looking at > SOAP last night after reading Chris Double's message about > SOAP and SMS, and thought I could modify my existing code to > send a SOAP header. I was a little surprised it worked <g>. > So what you see is all I've done.
OK, I'll pick it up (or actually, I've already done that). But as I'm finishing a project and have aholiday planned it may take some time.
> I do note that many SOAP services exist on ports other than > 80 which means more changes ... >
I actually plan to modify the http scheme a bit to use SOAP. With help from Scott and Sterling I already can send arbitrary header info, and I got the forwarding bug out, so...
> > Another thing I'd like to do is expose rugby services as > > SOAP. So you can > > I don't really understand rugby. Would you explain what it > does in mono syllables, or present an example of how it can > be used?
Rugby, my pride! Rugby is a middleware vendor's nightmare come true ;-) Say you have a service that you want to be available on a network to other Rebol processes. And it needs to perform rather well, and you don't want to write all the communication software. You'd use rugby or something like that. A quick example: you have this encridble poweful function that when given two numbers returns the greatest. maximize: func [ x1 [integer!] x2 [integer!] [ ...] Being the nice guy that you are you decide to make this available to all other Rebolians. So you type in the console:
>>do %rugby_server.r >>serve [ maximize ] ;add any function to this list you like
On the other side of this planet I want to use this incredible powerful service in my app:
>>do %rugby_client.r >>p: make port! tcp:// >>rexec/with [ maximize 15 10 ] p >>15
And there are some nifty refinements of course! rexec/oneway [ ... ] ;don't wait for the result rexec/deferred [ ...] ;don't wait but check later using.... poll-for-result id; Is there a result for request identified by id? return false or the result wait-for-result id; Wait for a result (blocking) As a service provider you decide to make money with this service. So only people who paid can use this superb utility! You limit access on Ip basis:
>> serve/restrict [maximize] [] ; allows access to
only, add IP numbers as desired Note that Rugby does message integrity as well. I am currently adding automatic handshaking for encryption levels, for /Pro /Command users. Get the picture? Now that's why SOAP feels cumbersome IMHO. You can download rugby from One more example, a simple chat server with rugby. First, the server: REBOL [ Title: {Rugby chat server}] do %rugby_server.r messages: make block 600 msg-id: 0 add-message: func [ msg [string!]] [ msg-id: msg-id + 1 append messages msg-id append messages msg return true ] get-messages: func [ id [integer!] /local my-msg] [ my-msg: copy select messages id return my-msg ] serve [add-message get-messages] ;************************************ And now the client: REBOL [ Title: {Rugby chat client}] do %rugby_client.r last-msg-id: 1 send-message: func [msg [string!]] [ rexec/oneway compose [add-message (msg)] ] get-messages: func [ id [integer!] /local r-msg msg] [ msg: make block! r-msg: rexec compose [get-messages (id) ] foreach entry r-msg [ if string? entry [append msg entry] ] last-msg-id: first skip tail r-msg -1 ;Gets the last retrieved msg-id return copy msg ] ;*********************** Ok, I used more than one syllable occasionally. Time to stop the shameless self-promotion ;-) Hope you like it, Maarten