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[REBOL] Re: how do I get ampm format for time?

From: jeff:rebol at: 21-Jan-2001 10:25

Howdy, Bob:
> Among the things I was trying to stir up was discussion > about how folks (inside or outside RT) decide what is a > (possibly contributed) mezzanine function, what goes into a > datatype-refinement and what gets left out altogether. > That exact decision strategy is one I think others (outside > of RT) would like to know so we can more appropriately > pitch our suggestions. > > Of course I could infer one -- and after writing an > elaborate paper about it discover that the answer is > simply: "oh, Carl decides that! :)" which is only funny up > to the point you start thinking about buying more > Carl-insurance.
Here's my perspective on how it works: For "definitional" questions, mezzanines and natives especially, Carl is always the ultimate authority and guiding light-- his creativity and designs are the first principles of REBOL, of course, as he is REBOL's father. All of the engineering team collaborates, though, pool our ideas, figure out the best way to do different things. We, or various people from around the world point out missing things that REBOL should logically do-- or the way REBOL would do it. Someone says "yeah! It should do that!" We wander into Carl's office, interrupt what he's working on, bring up the issue, discuss it, pull in someone else, argue this and that. Or we write up the design in a REP (REBOL Enhancement Proposal) (and other people have submitted these too), we implement the feature, then we advertise the work, and Carl then signs off or not on the feature's inclusion when release time comes. Carl always surprises us with a much slicker way to fit something in, but we're also always improving in our own understanding of "The REBOL way". Sometimes, Carl leaves it up to the rest of us to investigate and familiarize ourselves with specific problem domains or areas of functionality, determine the goals, how it would best fit into REBOL and then attack the problem. "You'd be the best one to answer that" is his confounding response for these times when you try and get him to spit out the answer to X when you've been wracking your brains on X for a month of sundays. So, in principle, just to give the rest of the team a little credit :-), I'd phrase it like this: "Carl ultimately decides or approves these things, but the rest of us kids help out too."
> I am sorry you are so pressed for time to not be able to go > back to the first thread in a series.
Sorry for being defensive. In the future I'll be sure to go back and read the first posts of "how do I" threads before I answer one (although, a lot other non Racko Training threads also begin with that preamble). (-: -jeff