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[REBOL] Open source project Re:(3)

From: petr:krenzelok:trz:cz at: 7-Oct-2000 0:13

----- Original Message ----- From: <[joel--neely--fedex--com]> To: <[list--rebol--com]> Sent: Friday, October 06, 2000 6:43 PM Subject: [REBOL] Open source project Re:(2)
> Hi, Petr, > > Actually, I believe we are in violent agreement about almost everything > you said! I'm exerting MASSIVE amounts of self-control not to copy your > entire note and insert "YES!" after every sentence. > > With that said...
Thanks :-)
> 3) If we could persuade RT that we have a critical mass of developers > who will help solve the "social engineering" problem of (1), they > might be willing to do one or more of the following (and I'd be willing > personally to sign a non-disclosure agreement if that's what it took): > > 3.1) Give us hints about the timeline for the futures of (2), > 3.2) Give us hints about what's coming so we don't paint ourselves into > too much of a corner, > 3.3) Tell us what's coming so we can plan for it explicitly, > 3.4) Work with us to let each effort help influence the features and > schedule of the other.
Exactly the same here! I thought things like file managers, date pickers, etc. higher level stuff are stuff for the community to do. I think we could donate such script components, modules or plug-ins to RT for free to use. It would be much more pleasant to see RT stating: 2.5 introducing modules, next release adding enhancement to parse, fixing bug No.XY, extending suggestion of how to write plug-ins in system compliant way, you will be able to buy, math, and DB2 component next month, etc .... simply step by step improvements to Core technology, its efficiency, distributed functionality, simply enhancing infrastructure=ground=matrice of the product. Sometimes it seems to me REBOL releases are a little bit inconsistent. I know I am talking experimentals here, but it lasts only some tens of seconds until I can find new bug, or some thing which worked last release being broken in new one. Some of bugs are telling me it can't be tested or it would have to be seen as a bug immediately. .... I just don't know how to help the situation, except sending tons of things to Bo, 'da men behind the [feedback--rebol--com] address :-), so I am better preparing for some article on REBOL, but my skepticism will not go away if things will remain as they are nowadays ... ... sometimes I feel we (community) are excluded from the communication about rebol, even in areas where NDAs, strategy e.c. is not concerned ...
> > > > Still - is here anyone who remembers Dick Whitings set of automatic > > installation, localisation, extended help, examples, various category > > function libraries etc? It's still the most complete set of script and > > concepts introduced to REBOL. We should build something similar .... > > > > I believe I saw a URL for it many months ago (and looked at it briefly), > but would be VERY grateful if someone could re-post it. IIRC it was > oriented toward REBOL/Core/1.x and contained > > - some features now in /Core > - some routines that would need to be rewritten due to 1.x-vs-2.x > language changes > - a generous collection of still-very-useful tools > > So, bringing up to date would be A Good Thing. Of course that begs the > questions, "Where would we put it, how would people find it, and which > part of it does what I need right now (without my having to read all of > the source)?" Those are the kinds of issues my proposal was intended > to address.
OK, I mentioned it here only as an example. Dick introduced complete infrastructure for help, examples, localisation. It doesn't matter if there was function X or Y available - for me - the functionality of architecture was important ... -pekr-