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[REBOL] Re: Update: Read *and* Write images against Windows Clipboard

From: greggirwin:mindspring at: 23-Sep-2002 12:27

Hi Scott, << 1) IPC ??? ... Using my fine, intuitive mind, I "made up" an anticipated acronym of "inter process communication", and was then only off by a small hyphen. >> Yes, you're right on. And no, it's not a .NET thing. There are many forms of IPC, some of which I mentioned. Shared memory, pipes, sockets, and command line arguments are other common mechanisms. IPC, to this layman, is anything that lets two processes communicate. Sockets are used more often now, it seems, and they are a good mechanism because they can extend from local use to intra- and internet use without drastic architectural changes. Since REBOL is all about communication, I think we'll see new IPC models and mechanisms built that will be really fabulous. I don't have any great links handy. Sorry. << 2) ARexx Figuring that this was probably not the uncle of T Rex...>> Model A versus Model T? :) << OK, so reading quickly between the lines, it sounds like the Amiga was blessed with an advanced scripting language that could listen on a port and be passed stuff. >> Yes. Big time. I'm not an Amigan either, and also had a TI994A, by odd coincidence. Hopefully, if I ever get something going along these lines, RT and the Amigans out there will chime in to contribute suggestions based on their experience. << I guess if there is a question in here, it would be what do those who are formally trained in this area see, in an overview sort of way, as the way REBOL might communicate with this resource-rich server. Maybe this *is* what the IPC thing is all about, which I will eventually discover once I do more research. If this answer is immediately obvious to you or a list member, it would be wonderful to learn more. It would also be great to not reinvent the wheel and use a method that is generic enough to grow. >> There are so many ways it could go. One big architectural choice is whether it's completely peer to peer, or if you have some kind of IPC server process that helps manage and negotiate things, maybe providing lookup services and such. There's definitely a holy grail hiding in there somewhere. :) In some cases, a specific dialect would be the way to go. If, for example, you have an IDE, plug-in tools could integrate very tightly, and cleanly, with something tailored to that need. OTOH, it could probably be built on a very generic system that would be widely applicable. To me, this is a case where the basic pieces of the infrastructure could (maybe should) be built in at a lower level and the higher level IPC stuff is basically a bunch of dialects tuned for specific needs and industries. I see the power of dialects as something that should be leveraged on both the human and computer side of things. Imagine the power of the phrase "Any messages?" and how that single messaged could be processed and passed around by both humans and processes. I think we'll see lots of little things appear and, eventually, some kind of standard will appear. I don't kow that RT can just put something out there right now though. There are so many ways it could go, we almost have to try lots of different approaches to see what works well in different contexts. The first things we see will very likely be modeled on concepts that exist today, but the really good stuff we haven't even thought of yet. << (including the font stuff you generously sent me). >> Carl Read is taking it to the next level with his font-requester stuff. Very cool! << 4) Finally, and this is more of a question to myself, I wonder whether it wouldn't be better to take the approach you are taking, and bravely go through the Windows interface and avoid additional "kruft" (I like clean, simple things, including installations). >> Eventually, when the world wakes up and there are zillions of REBOL apps out there with something like ARexx-meets-MightyMouse (Small, but powerful, American cartoon character for those unfamiliar), that can tie them all together across the universe, life will be simpler. :) Until that time, we'll have layers of kruft (good word :) here and there. If I have a layer of Windows stuff that lets me control other apps, that's a start, and it's a point of reference for what works and what doesn't. I just can't wait until apps have dialected interfaces. :) --Gregg