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[REBOL] Re: Largest REBOL script ever written

From: jelinem1:nationwide at: 27-Jun-2001 12:34

Oooo, good point Joel. And another by Petr, that is sharing the purpose of the code. It would be more of a contest to see how small a program can be written for a particular purpose, but I wasn't really trying to start a "largest program" contest. Rather I was just curious to learn what larger programs were being created in REBOL, which admittedly only has measurable meaning if we know what the programs are for. Actually I should've named the subject "What large applications are people writing?". Well, mine is the MUD (server) that I haven't substantially changed for about a year, now. It features multi-login support, program-buffered input and output, a hierarchical menu-driven command system which allows entry of a single menu item (layer) at a time or multiple on the same line (and some of the menues are dynamically created, thus each login must keep thier own local copy of the menu tree), a real-time event mechanism, two chat "channels", MOBs, "simple" combat and more. Sure, I could've written it to be more compact, but inherent in several thousand lines of code is having good (or at least decent) coding practices, program and data structure, consideration for functionality expansion, a "few" comments and so on which increase the program size - and program [source code] size is usually not an issue when writing [larger] programs. I should knock off a couple hundred lines from the 9400 figure because I was including code (programs) that was not a part of the server program, but were utilities such as a "make" program, and a program to randomly generate the dungeon levels (data). - Michael Jelinek From: Joel Neely <[joel--neely--fedex--com]> on 06/27/2001 03:40 AM Please respond to [rebol-list--rebol--com] Sent by: [jn--inet01--prod--fedex--com] To: [rebol-list--rebol--com] cc: Subject: [REBOL] Re: Largest REBOL script ever written Hi, Michael, [JELINEM1--nationwide--com] wrote:
> Feel free to humble my efforts, but just as a starting point > for this topic I have a REBOL script totalling just over 9400 > lines. I know this is highly dependent on the amount of > comments, blank lines, code formatting etc. >
No humbling intended, but you reminded me of a conference on Algol 60 implementation (yeah, decades ago) in which the American and European participants were trying to one-up each other. It went something like this: American1: My Algol compiler has 10,000 lines of code. American2: My Algol compiler has 20,000 lines of code! American3: My Algol compiler has 30,000 lines of code! vs. European1: I can compile Algol in only 8,000 lines of code! European2: I can compile Algol in only 6,000 lines of code! European3: I can compile Algol in only 4,000 lines of code! ;-) -jn- ------------------------------------------------------------ Programming languages: compact, powerful, simple ... Pick any two! joel'dot'neely'at'fedex'dot'com