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[REBOL] Re: MIT article on rebol and other languages

From: jason:cunliffe:verizon at: 18-Feb-2002 15:41

> Somewhere out there must be the killer dialect. >> > > I think there can't be just one killer dialect. There will be hundreds, or > thousands, of dialects, and that is the key.
Indeed. Can't separate Langauge from Dialect really..
> << But what intrigues me more is the lack of cooperation to accomplish > ANYTHING. There is 1000 times more talk on which is the better language, > then doing something truly constructive with any of em. >> > > Human nature maybe?
Rebol is very small community. Time andd energy is limited, and in the case of many new skill need to be acquired first by people like me. Takes time to learn new tools, new lingo, new paradigm, new people.. The first level of cooperation is sharing the willingness to cooperate. This mailing list is evidently the good heart of that.
> << I've made numerous attempts on this list to get organized and form some > think tanks or whatever, with nay a single response??
That's news to me.. pephaps you can put up a web page and/or post a short list with presentation of 'the best of' Often great ideas get lost downstream in the midst of people solving immediate syntax problems. It takes time and mind to follow rich lengthy threads. I tned to post long messages which don;t get picked up .. I suspect often becuase I have not yet mastered skill of many short concise posts. Also when I read long psots wull of graet ideas it takes time to abosrb and reply.. and thus they are easily swept downtream amid daily problem solving. This why wikis are catching on. A big problem is what level to quote vs. link A link to the coolest site in the world still depends on poeple goign there adn looking at it. and then there is teh quation of which part they looked at. frames and flsh can further compound the issue Quoting is very helpful but then can be too dominant/lenghty in a post, or inappropraite [interactivity needs to be experienced]. This is where journal istic skills are so valuable and why weblogs have conquered the webverse recently. Weblogs balance introduction/commentary and references [inline links] very well. They are readable accessible and linkable. Mailaing lists are disconnected in this respected. archives help but even on DSL can be !~@#$! pain to navigate. What we really need is some way to convert mailing list threads into special weblogs. I suspect Vanilla could do provide a grat foundation. any ideas??
> << Another example is the website. Really, an
> in > potential Reblet type commercialization... numerous posts here... and not
> single sale??? I mean, theres a developer reblet there that turns any
> into the world's easiest macro creation utility ever! >>
Which | what | how would anyone know??? Please exlain clearly with links and examples.
> << I've taken Rebol and created a 'bot' that can read, comprehend, and > answer questions on whatever it's just read (In discussions with > on that one) ... developed the world's most advanced > chatterbot, the world's most HAL 9000ish system on the planet to date
> out a demo conversation at and > yet no one seems to care? >>
[again] consciousness:::comnes first => the problem of "nobody seems to care" is far more likely nobody knows, has time or needs overview and introduction befire you can suspect them of not caring.
> I have pages of ideas and numerous projects in progress myself, so I'm
> there with you. I think we all want REBOL to become a viable tool with
> we can support ourselves, but that may take some time...and a lot of luck.
amen regards ./Jason