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[REBOL] rebol deployment (was) Re: Re: Cookbook submissions idea

From: petr::krenzelok::trz::cz at: 13-Jan-2004 14:51

Jason Cunliffe wrote:
>"Petr Krenzelok" wrote: > >>sorry to snip your whole talk about Vanilla. While Vanilla or Wiki, >>whatever may be nice design to study, I think you overestimate its >>usefullness for Rebol. I am sorry to very strongly back-up Robert's pov, >>but I can bet that if free version of IOS like sync mechanism would >>exist, much cooler scenarios could be created - with rebol, for rebol - >> >> > >Hey no problem Petr. >Thanks I really welcome different perspectives. I am sure much cooler >scenarios could be created >IF..if ..if ..if >you're right. >
No problem, your arguments seem to be pretty fair, so ... just few comments ...
>Anyway I just like Vanilla. And after expecially Zope I adore its >simplicity, though cannot compare them. >
It is just two weeks one of my friends visited me to help me to install Fedora server. He brought two books with him - Cocoon and Zope. Zope seems to be interesting, he showed me how he used some module for digital photo catalogue. Nice, but really nothing what could not be done in IOS in a MUCH clearer way, at least to me. He admited, that Zope is nice even for beginners, but once you decide to modify some unsupported functionality, you have to go deep python. Reblets seem to be really better aproach to me. But of course - once you want your "output device" to be web (html), not a View/IOS client, you are in trouble a bit. Typical example is our current project - we will use IOS for regional info system - mainly few info-centres cooperating, but also automatic kiosk synchronisation. Should be a snap - we just need windowless ios client, which will be installed on each kiosk - should work. So far so good, but - our city info centre aproached us and asked for other output device - web portal. And suddenly my plans were broken, although I think I will handle it somehow. So primarily, for kiosk local access, or info-centre ppl local pc access, IOS file storage should be enough. There is e.g. some tens or hundreds of hotels, pubs, restaurants etc. in our region. But - I hesitate to run web portal upon scattered, non indexed file storage as IOS uses. So either I interface IOS with mySQL directly on server, or I write some off-line scripts, running as cron job, which scan particular ios directories and import new record, apply changes to existing or even delete records from mysql. And suddenly we are talking not so clear solution, which could easily become kludge, sooner than later.
>I wish oh wish that there was a better solution than the feeble cgi >dependency which vanilla has now. >I wish there were a mega cool rebol universal server framework >--- http, ftp, rebol, XMPP[jabber], plugin-architecture modular, >cross-platform,fast install, etc. >
There is - Uniserve - released as beta, the engine is just 10KB of code IIRC. I also remember some AltME chat, where some test of Uniserve multiplexing engine + http + cgi handler gave performance of Apache 1.x family + cgi + rebol IIRC.
>So yes it's very hard to make progress. But we each are working on areas we >feel motivated to. I am not a very good coder. I wish I was better and >faster. >
me to ... and what is more - I like "thinking" :-) I simply want to have some things thought out first, then touch coding eventually, but I know it can be drawback too, as experience comes from testing too.
>I don't know how long before I move on from thinking about Vanilla honestly. >Speed and scalibility worry me. If I was smart I'd just use some Python or >learn PHP and pick a tool that already everything and play with them. But >trouble is I am hooked on Rebol/Vanilla. If I don't get some very so often I >get the blues.. Do you know a doctor who can help me? >
PHP, Python etc. While we are at it, I noticed other factor. How often do we hear someone uses rebol to generate php, C# etc.? Well, ad for C#, probably only Andrew, but as for PHP? And I have to ask once again. What speed do you gain by generating php code from within rebol and letting certain apache module execture your php code? So we've got rebol/base - should be faster. How many times? Any benchmarks? Well - then there is FastCGI - looking at its architecture, it even seems to me much better than direct apache module. You may claim that it is contained in Command - but - the procol is fully and properly described and I have once again to wonder - why someone prefers generating php instead of writing fasct-cgi rebol-level driver? So we would have rebol/base + fastcgi - free solution, which would imo be even faster than combination of rebol + php. The only one drawback is - there is little web servers supporting fast-cgi modules, but when you run your own, why not? Carl also mentioned one thing. He was looking at one of Opera browser sites where some technologies were mentioned and no mention of Rebol once again. Maybe we could help here. We have mysql driver - why is not rebol there - ? The same goes for other possible drivers/wrappers. That is the area we could help RT with for Rebol to start be visible! -pekr-