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[REBOL] Fun with Prohosting and REBOL

From: geneven::rocketmail::com at: 17-Apr-2001 23:11

As I was trying to set up REBOL on the free Prohosting site, I followed Michal Kracik's excellent instructions at and everything almost worked perfectly. However, I couldn't get beyond the word REBOL all by itself coming up in my browser (Internet Explorer -- does it matter?) I even went back to an earlier version of REBOL and got the same result. Finally, I chose View Source in the browser and got a surprise. It had been working all along, but for some reason wasn't displaying. All the information called for in Kracik's test script (cgitest.cgi) was there. I'm not particularly familiar with REBOL or CGI, so this is puzzling to me. Here's an interesting clue. Before the information called for in the script, information about REBOL that would probably be displayed if I did REBOL --help in Unix is displayed. Is there something, perhaps, in user.r or somewhere that would cause this help information to be displayed, thus bollacksing the html code and causing the information to hide out in the browser? Just in case someone wants to actually see the output, it's below. If I just look at the browser, I just see the word REBOL. But if I view source, I see a bunch of help information, and down after the Content-type line, I see the output I wanted to see. How do I squelch the bollacksing help info? Well, before I give that output, here's the actual script that is run: #!/usr/home1/geneven/html/cgi-bin/rebol -cgi REBOL [] print "Content-Type: text/plain^m^j" print "Hello world from REBOL" print mold system/options/cgi print system/version Now, below is what happens when I run the above script. REBOL <options> <script> <arguments> All fields are optional. Supported options are: --cgi (-c) Check for CGI input --do expr Evaluate expression --help (-?) Display this usage information --nowindow (-w) Do not open a window --noinstall (-i) Do not install (View) --quiet (-q) Don't print banners --reinstall (+i) Force an install (View) --script file Explicitly specify script --secure level Set security level: (none write read throw quit) --trace (-t) Enable trace mode Other command line options: +q Force not quiet (View) -s No security +s Full security Examples: REBOL script.r REBOL script.r 10:30 [test--domain--dom] REBOL script.r -do "verbose: true" REBOL --cgi -s REBOL --cgi --secure throw --script cgi.r "debug: true" REBOL --secure none Content-Type: text/plain Hello world from REBOL make object! [ server-software: "Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)" server-name: "" gateway-interface: "CGI/1.1" server-protocol: "HTTP/1.1" server-port: "80" request-method: "GET" path-info: none path-translated: none script-name: "/~geneven/cgi-bin/script.cgi" query-string: "" remote-host: none remote-addr: "" auth-type: none remote-user: none remote-ident: none Content-Type: none content-length: none other-headers: ["HTTP_ACCEPT" {image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/, application/, application/msword, */*} "HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING" "gzip, deflate" "HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE" "en-us" "HTTP_CONNECTION" Keep-Alive "HTTP_HOST" "" HTTP_REFERER {} HTTP_USER_AGENT {Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0b; Windows NT 5.0)}] ] <//--><//"--></script> </NOSCRIPT></TITLE><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!--Ad Banner function popupPage() { var windowopts location=no,scrollbars=no,menubars=no,toolbars=no,resizable=yes,left50,top=50,width=490,height=130 ; popup202977320 open('/prohost/banner.html',"MenuPopup",windowopts); popup202977320.focus(); } popupPage(); // Ad Banner--> </script>