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[REBOL] Re: Looking over the horizon - Rebol 3

From: nitsch-lists:netcologne at: 11-Nov-2003 21:44

Am Dienstag, 11. November 2003 20:09 schrieb Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch:
> Most previous requests mimic things I want... > > but I find that the protect function /mechanism should be given much more > guts. > > This is important if we are to create scripts which can encapsulate > external tools which we are testing even if linked in the code. > > I'd like protect to have a /disk refinement so that ALL I/O writes go to a > ram cache. > > if this where enabled I'd also be less nervous testing some critical file > routines like recursive file handling... > > the idea is that any write or deletion be actual done in a ram mirror of > the disk. Untampered dirs/files would still be loaded from disk. any > consecutive read which maps to an area of the disk which was written would > actually filter out to use the version in ram instead. Deleted > directories, would not be visible anymore, created directories could have > virtual files in them. I know some will complain that it taks a lot of > ram, but many of us HAVE enough ram for this feature to be usefull. > > This would also be very usefull for code which is run live from network > connected clients. Any hacker would think he is damaging your stuff, when > in fact he just playing in his own little rubber padded chamber. > > I'd also like it if a /protect refinement was added to MAKE, DO and LOAD, > to make critical code objects immutable once loaded or run, this could keep > any malicious code which attempts to tamper with setups, or sensitive code > which is used to play in sensitive data... > > when testing other people's code you never know what you load, not everyone > is skilled enough to feel safe even after checking the script's source... > > For example, I'd place my user.r setup in an other file and execute the > following line in the user.r file > > do/protect protected-user.r > > Does this makes sense to any of you? > > is there already a way to do so? >
do/protect protected-user.r -> secure[file [allow read]] do %protect-user.r for ram-cache, i wrote a ramdisk-scheme long ago. which loaded missing files from disk and cached. eventually i find it, if you ask. but since it was very simple and there are some scheme-examples now, you may have more fun to do it yourself ;) you have to change files to ram://file, but since the disk is readonly you wil trap wrong file-access.
> -MAx