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[REBOL] Re: (juridical) advice

From: hallvard:ystad:helpinhand at: 11-Jan-2003 13:48

Dixit Carl Read (02.10 11.01.2003):
>And now I'm offended because I didn't get the chance to see if I was >offended or not!!!
Dixit Charles (21.18 10.01.2003):
>I might find it hysterical if it would work. >[...] >Personally, I wana see it. I like a good laugh. Here's to schadenfreud!!
Don't worry, guys, you can still access the script. It's on the server, in the cgi-bin directory. The script name is osamalize.r. Add parameters like f=100 ; sets frequency to 100%, i.e. places some islamic saying after each and every full stop ponctuation (default frequency is 66, so that the script will add something if frequency > random 100) ; the url that you'd like to osamalize. I won't give a URL, since this ends up on escribe, accessible for bots. And the script won't be there forever. Dixit Laurent Giroud (22.12 10.01.2003):
>Your original distorter is really funny because it replaces >words with another one spelling quite like it but with a completely >different meaning.
If you got words with spelling quite like, that's pure luck. I pick a word from (presumably) the same word class like this: new-word: pick get word-class random length? get word-class But here's a feature for the future: pick=similar This parameter sent to the script should make sure similar words are picked, e.g. words with at least the three first letters identical to those in the original word, or something like that. Good idea, Laurent!
>And regarding potentially offended people, remember that you do not >force anyone of them to use the Osamalizer.
I know, but as Charles pointed out, people who might be offended are also attracted.
>Moreover I don't think that making fun of Osama B.L. is something that >should be taken so seriously, even in the US the first of all liberties >is free speech and this obviously includes humor sites such as yours.
I agree. But this is also a question about not getting too much hate-mail etc. I think I posted a link to the isgay site before. They have a section of hate mail which is quite funny: (watch out for pop-ups!). I'd rather like to avoid that. And Laurent: you wouldn't happen to know about some public domain french dico that I could use for a french version of the distorter, would you? ~H