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[ALLY] vid-list-problems on my machine, need testers

From: agem::crosswinds::net at: 8-Sep-2000 22:24

Hi all! have problems send to feedback, Bo could not recreate it. maybe i have a strange system - who too? i wrote the little editor with a filename-pad (you have to enter the files by hand, but they are remembered across edits). i don't know if it is official to use lists to change strings directly, but most of the times it works. have suse 6.4, kde, REBOL/View 6-Sep-2000, amd-k6. problems: 1) if i enter text directly in the list-fields, and klick around between fields, strange things happens. 2) sometimes after using the edi a while, opening various files, all list-fields keeps blank. sometimes it works. usually the first time all runs well, then it is completely blank for the rest of the time, but i had one or too recoverys too. i described this to Bo this way, hm bit confusing? :
>bug: <lb> enter a file and open it. then re-open a file. >1) the request-page is sometimes empty, sometimes it works. >2) typing in the list-fields works sometimes half, sometimes breaks after firs
t char. REBOL [ title: "simple edit" version: file: %/home/volker/alphas/simpledit.r date: 5-Sep-2000/2:15:46+1:00 ] ;protect-system de: :do-events ;debug se: make object! [ config: config-name: autosave: use-do: open-file: edit-text: none my-launch: func [] [close-se either use-do/data [do config/file] [ ; hack-launch probe reform [config/file] print "simpledit back" do %launch.r ; launches config/file ] ] main: func [] [ config-default: [file %./unnamed files [] posis []] config-name: %simpledit-config.r config: copy config-default ; error? try [if exists? config-name [do config-name] config: system/words/config ] a: config-default forskip a 2 [if not find config first a [append config reduce [first a second a]]] a: system/script/args if a [config/file: clean-path to file! a] view layout open-file ;print read config-name ] close-se: func [] [ secured/except "save text?" config/file [ write config/file edit-text/text a: config/posis now-is a config/file edit-text/para/origin/y ] autosave/data secured/except "save config?" config-name [ save/header config-name compose/deep [ config: [(config)]] [title: "simpledit's config"] ] autosave/data ] scroll-lines: func [lines] [ edit-text/para/origin/y: edit-text/para/origin/y + (lines * (edit-text/font/size + edit-text/font/offset/y)) show edit-text ] comment { --- views: --- } edit: [edit-title: title 640x30 join "" config/file across button "close" [close-se unview/all] button "open" [close-se view layout open-file] ;button "launch" [close-se hack-launch probe reform[{-s --do "secure } mold secure query {"} config/file]] button #"^d" "launch" [my-launch] label join "" (2) arrow down [scroll-lines -2] label join "" ("p/2") arrow down [ edit-text/para/origin/y: edit-text/para/origin/y - (480 / 2) show edit-text] label join "" ("p/2") arrow up [ edit-text/para/origin/y: edit-text/para/origin/y + (480 / 2) show edit-text] label join "" (2) arrow up [scroll-lines 2] label "autosave" autosave: check below do [error? try [a: read config/file] [a: "new"]] edit-text: area 640x480 a do [if a: select config/posis config/file [ edit-text/para/origin/y: a]] ] open-file: [title "enter file " do [dir&file: split-path config/file] across label join "current directory: " (what-dir) label "do/launch" use-do: check return dir: field form first dir&file file: field form second dir&file arrow down [insert/only config/files reduce [copy dir/text copy file/text] show xfiles] button #"^m" "open" [ filename: clean-path join dirize to file! dir/text file/text config/file: filename view layout edit ] return xfiles: list 450x300 [across xdir: field xfile: field arrow up [dir/text: copy xdir/text file/text: copy xfile/text show dir show file] ] supply [face/text: either count > length? config/files ["-"] [ pick config/files/:count index ]] text 75x300 join "" mold secure query ] comment { --- tools --- } now-is: function [ "change value after key, if it is present, otherwise append both" series key value] [here] [ here: find series key either here [change/only next here value] [append series reduce [key value]] ] ask-for: func [question about] [ request reduce [reform [ question to string! about "(on linux security on console!!)"] "yes" "cancel"] ] secured: func [title item todo /except -except] [ either not -except [ if ask-for title item [do todo] ] [do todo] ] tests: func [] [ ; a: [a 1 b 2] now-is a 'b 3 now-is a 'c 4 ? a ] ] ;error? try [main] se/main