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[REBOL] Problems with Dynamic Library Access in View/Pro

From: cyphre::seznam::cz at: 8-Apr-2002 11:11

Hi Holger and all on the List, I have a problem regarding accesing DLLs from View/Pro: I have this C function(watch out line breaks!): from .h definition file: ...//this is value needed for the first argument of the funciton #define DCSDKVersion 0x0154 #else ...//this is the structure needed as a input argument for the function typedef struct{ DCCameraType CamType; DCCameraType SpecificCamType; BOOL DriverOpenFlag; BOOL CameraOpenFlag; BOOL ROMModeFlag; } DCDriver, FAR *DCDriverPtr; ...//this is the fuction definition DCOpenDriver( SHORT FAR * Version, // This should be passed as the constant // DCSDKVersion DCDriverPtr Driver // This is a system dependent structure that // contains information about the open // driver. ); or simmilar stuff in Visual basic interface layer: .... Public Const DCSDKVersion = &H154 ..... Type DCDriver CamType As Long SpecificCamType As Long DriverOpenFlag As Boolean CameraOpenFlag As Boolean ROMModeFlag As Boolean Reserved As Integer End Type ..... Declare Function DCOpenDriver Lib "DC120VBIFLV154_32.DLL" Alias [_DCILVBOpenDriver--8] (Version As Integer, Driver As DCDriver) As Integer .... So I did this in Rebol(this is for the VB layer but for the direct C dll calls should be almost the same): DC120vb.dll: load/library %DC120VBIFLV154_32.dll DCSDKVersion: 340 ;154 hexadecimal DCDriverPtr: [0 0 0 0 0] DCDriver: make struct! [ CamType [integer!] SpecificCamType [integer!] DriverOpenFlag [integer!] CameraOpenFlag [integer!] ROMModeFlag [integer!] Reserved [integer!] ] reduce DCDriverPtr DCOpenDriver: make routine! [ version [integer!] driver [ struct! [ CamType [integer!] SpecificCamType [integer!] DriverOpenFlag [integer!] CameraOpenFlag [integer!] ROMModeFlag [integer!] Reserved [integer!] ] ] return: [integer!] ] DC120vb.dll "[_DCILVBOpenDriver--8]" but when trying:
>>probe DCOpenDriver DCSDKversion DCDriver
...Rebol crashes :-( only when DCSDKVersion: 0 I got some strange number(which is different from the error codes in the sdk) returned from the function. The crash behavior is the same when I tried it using VB layer or dirctly call the generc dll :(( Am I doing something wrong? It is a bug of Rebol? Anyone? Regards Cyphre