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[REBOL] Re: irc

From: alanwall:sonic at: 14-Sep-2000 12:53

Hello list,tried rebol-irc.r and connected-then I connected using AmIRC on the Amiga to see what a version check would show.Much to my suprise I did not show up as being connect to the channel.Ideas?No big deal was just curious what version would show.This from rebol-ittc.r console: Loading configuration... Server: Username: alanwall Nick: alanwall «Server»|[] *** Looking up your hostname... «Server»|[] *** Found your hostname (cached) «Server»|[] *** Checking ident... «Server»|[] *** Socks exempt line found, Skipping |socks check... «Server»|[] *** Received identd response «Server»|[] *** Notice -- It seems that you don't |have identd installed on your host. «Server»|[] *** Notice -- If you wish to have your |username show up without the ~ (tilde), «Server»|[] *** Notice -- then install identd. «Welcome»|Welcome to The ExodusIRC Experience |alanwall![~alanwall--d32--nas22--sonic--net] «Host»|Your host is[], |running UltimateIRCd2.8.1-ArcticTiger, located in |Alexandria, Virginia «Server»|This Server have been up since Tue Jul 18 2000 at |17:01:21 EDT «Server»| is vUltimateIRCd2.8.1-ArcticTiger, |accepting user modes abcdfghikmnoprswxzABCFGIMNOPRSTWXZ |and channel modes befhiklmnoprstvxAIKLORS. 005 alanwall NOQUIT TOKEN WATCH=128 SAFELIST are available on this Serve r «Lusers»|There Are 38 Clients Visible, 27 Invisible And 8 |Services Clients On 10 Servers «Lusers»|9 IRC Operators online «Lusers»|1Unknown connection(s) «Lusers»|118 Channels In Use «Lusers»|I Have 17 Users And 4 Server(s) 265 alanwall 17 Users On This Server. Max: 60 266 alanwall 65 Users On Entire Network. Max: 107 422 alanwall MOTD File is missing «Server»|[] *** Notice -- Please be advised that use |of this service constitutes consent to all network |policies and server conditions of use, which are at |http://www.ExodusIRC.Net/, stated within the servers |/MOTD and /RULES «Server»|[] Quote: Copywight 1994 Elmer Fudd. All |wights wesewved. -->|You have joined channel ##team*Amiga. «Names»|Users on ##team*Amiga: @alanwall «Names»|##team*AmigaEnd of /NAMES list. 324 alanwall ##team*Amiga + «Mode»|Channel ##team*Amiga was created on 14-Sep-2000 19:56:40 alanwall|hello 421 alanwall finder Unknown command 421 alanwall finger Unknown command 311 alanwall cyber alanwall.p * alan crandall 319 alanwall cyber #team*amiga 312 alanwall cyber server on ExodusIRC 317 alanwall cyber 137 968961452 seconds idle, signon time 318 alanwall cyber End of /WHOIS list. alanwall|q alanwall|exit alanwall|bye as you can see my Amiga handle is cyber so it did see there.Thanks! Regards -- Do you know where you are? - Either in hell or in mediah. Either way, the decor needs work. -- Franklin and Londo JMS Trustee HP= First computer solar powered vic-20 AmigaQNX-notAmigaNG=no good computers for people not suits sent via Yam ver2 on AmigaForever ver3 Be a Rebel get [Rebol--rebol--com] UIN#=9391028