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[REBOL] tree style: first attemp

From: robert::muench::robertmuench::de at: 9-Apr-2002 22:42

Hi, below you will find a first attemp for a "tree" style based on the list-style. The source is not indented to avoid line breaks. However, I'm sure it's far from perfect but that's how far I made it today. Have a look and let me and the others know what you think. Known Bugs: - Expanding more than one top-level item is possible but you need to collaps them from top-down ?? - Some code is include that I used to test variants. Robert rebol [] ;-- Generate images for dot and arrows: make-image: func [xy wh eff] [ eff: layout [ size 20x20 at xy box wh effect eff ] eff/color: main-color to-image eff ] dot: make-image 6x5 9x9 [gradient 1x1 255.0.0 0.0.0 oval key 0.0.0] arr: make-image 3x3 14x14 [arrow 0.0.127 rotate 90] ard: make-image 3x3 14x14 [arrow 0.0.127 rotate 180] ;-- Action stuff expand-action: [ face/user-data/expanded: not face/user-data/expanded update-list ] ;-- Item definition item: context [ subitems: make block! [] expanded: make logic! false face: none counter: 0 ] item-list: [] cnt: 1 loop 10 [ tmp: make item [counter: cnt] for x 0 2 1 [ append tmp/subitems rejoin ["Eintrag:" cnt "-" x] ] append item-list tmp cnt: cnt + 1 ] ;-- GUI stuff ; older approach make-item-face: func [item][ ; first do the layout so that we can access all the objects in it item/face: layout [ origin 0 space 0 across ar: image arr tx: text "Dies ist ein Test" dt: image dot ] ; now we can alter the objects ar/action: :expand-action dt/action: :subitem-action ar/user-data: tx/user-data: item item/face ] main-layout: [ across space 0 image 20x20 expand-action text 120x20 ] subitems: [] top-level-list: head item-list offset: 0 barrier: 0 update-list: does [ subitems: [] top-level-list: head item-list offset: 0 barrier: 0 show lst ] cnt: 0 ; concept: ; - we only count main entries ; - subitems are copied into a series and are removed from it after being displayed ; - if the series of subitems is empty the normal top-level entries are continued main-supply: [ ; do we need to access a top-level entry? if empty? subitems [ ; ok, do we have to consider that sub-level items have been displayed either count > barrier [cnt: count - offset] ; if so we have to adjust our pointer to the top-level objects [cnt: count] ; if not we just use the count index ; get our object face/user-data: item-list/:cnt ; optimization if none? face/user-data [exit] ] ; which path to choose? Show top-level or sub-level item? either empty? subitems [ ; ok, we display a top-level item switch/default index [ 1 [face/image: either empty? face/user-data/subitems [dot] [either face/user-data/expanded [ard][arr]] ] 2 [face/text: rejoin ["Dies ist ein Test: " cnt] ; subitems is our trigger to switch to sub-level item rendering ; so we have to assure that the last column of the actual row is driven before setting the trigger ; this will result in a sub-level item rendering in the next loop either face/user-data/expanded [subitems: copy face/user-data/subitems offset: length? subitems barrier: count + offset] [subitems: []] ; not needed ?? ] ][probe "No list-object reference"] ] [ ; we display a sub-level item switch index [ 1 [face/image: dot] 2 [face/text: first subitems remove subitems] ] ] return ] main-gui: layout [ lst: list 200x200 main-layout supply main-supply] view main-gui ; make-item-face item halt