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[REBOL] Re: RebGUI or GLayout

From: gchillemi:aliceposta:it at: 22-Dec-2007 0:55

> I have stopped coding in general as a hobby after the > devcon, for many personal reasons... > > some of which have led me to a burn-out, of which I am > currently recuperating at home, playing music, composing > mostly, helping me hunt a few deamons out of my soul. this > said, elixir and remark development has continued a bit and > is about to resume in much more vigor in a (very) short while.
I have written and repeated in this mailing list that either Rebol Tech and people in the Rebol community are humans with their own needing and problems. Your experience and health problem (I am afraid, I know about Burn-out and Depression for personal reasons) show clearly that we must consider our community and Carl as part of a group. We must use the best practice to avoid fighting and cooperate to be stronger, help each other and be a solid foundation for the whole Rebol project and for building strong personal relationships. It is now 22 years I am in the computer business. I started when I was twelve and now I am thirty tree and I have seen a lot of projects and companies going up and down, disappearing or resisting in this world. The worst part of my experience was seeing people leaving communities and abandoning very good project they have started because personal factor accurred: depressions, lack of motivation, bad response from some people in the community... It is really important to me to see the people from the human point of view to keep them high, healthy, motivated and happy to be part of something bigger. I have written about attacks against Rebol Tech that we should not consider it a company but a group of persons. What about if they loose the motivation and give up the development of rebol ? I think that Carl would have all the reasons to give up Rebol if he considered its economic side or considering the diffusion of his language. We must do our best to support him, even in his errors like giving us dates he can't maintain. Rebol Tech is not a giant company where developers are only numbers and when one is gone another 2 are there as replacement. It is Carl, Gabriele, you and other developers giving their best to glue together this project, their personal life, their personal economy and so on. You are too an example of these words: it's me who called you a Guru and I consider you this way as some other people around there. You have good projects but you are an human and you have your own limits. Instead of attacking you it would be better to cooperate with you and your project. This is what I call "the positive spirit of the community".
> -STEEL: > -SLIM: > -GLayout: > -Liquid: > -GLOB(unreleased): > liquidGL(unreleased publicly): > remark:
They are a golden treasures. I would like to see them hosted on sourceforge and people cooperating into merging LIST-VIEW and RebGui together with your projects. You have written it is possible. I write: why don't people cooperate ?
It's me !
> ------- > thank you for the genuine and honest interest. I will upload > the latest version of all of my stuff for you on > tomorrow, and I will add liquidGL and glob too.
I'll download them shortly and start studing them.
> I think doing all of the support on this list will be the > best way to raise awareness. This should have been done > every time a user wanted (or has) used it, in order to show > some "activity" about it... now I know.
I agree.
> Your idea about a wikibook is excellent. I would contribute > to it, if you can get it setup and are willing to add to it > yourself while you get to grips with GLayout (often the best > time to document stuff, since oldies loose the sense of what > is not obvious). Hey, if others want to join too, probably > brian from would too. Glayout has an internal > function allowing to snapshot a GUI (while its running), crop > it and save it out without need to resort to using an > external application... this makes documentation of any > GLayout driven application or tutorial dead easy!
I will develop the project as soon as the new year starts.
> We can also use remark, which is infact much like a wiki > dilalect concept, but extensible and scriptable (outside of > the page). Pages contain only content, and all the page and > site stuff is added on the fly, even the menus are programatic.
Please, could you point me to the Remark project so I could start to learn it ?
> Today I feel like I've been given a > measure of recognition, and during my resting period, nothing > could be better for my (mental) healing.
Stay away as much as you need. As I have written I know the problem and sometime happens that the person involved won't come back into the places and projects were the problem arised. Hope this won't be the situation but if it will be it has been nice to have you here and I will be happy to know you are having fun elsewere.
> have fun!
Have fun you too. Giuseppe Chillemi