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[REBOL] Re: Rebol, FTP and quotas

From: henrik:webz:dk at: 9-Mar-2002 22:03

09-03-2002 16:21:14, "G. Scott Jones" <[gscottjones--mchsi--com]> wrote:
>From: "Henrik Mikael Kristensen" >> I'm getting a quota problem with two different ftp-servers, when I try to >manipulate (delete, write) the files on the ftp-server: >> >> ftp-dir: <some-ftp-server> >> >> files: read ftp-dir >> foreach file files [delete ftp-dir/:file] >> >> gives: >> >> User Error: Server error: tcp 226 Quotas on: using 0.00 of 10.00 MegaBytes >> >> Why is this an error?? > >I don't know either, but, depending on your needs, you may be able to >achieve similar functionality with the following: > >ftp-dir: ftp://user-name:[user-pass--ftp--my-ftp-site--com]/a-folder/ >files: read ftp-dir >foreach file files [delete join ftp-dir [file]]
Same result... but I just figured that it's not just manipulation which goes wrong this way (I should have checked the directory contents before posting. Sorry...). When it's empty or I input a wrong filepath, I get "User Error: Server error: tcp 200 PORT command successful.". So the 200 error is forgivable. But every time I access a correct file, I get 226 Quota errors. And this only happens with two servers: A local ProFTPD and an a remote ProFTPD ftp-server. Others work just fine (including other ProFTPD servers). I have no firewall set up. Could this be a ProFTPD config problem? I tried 'trace/net on' and the following output was generated when I tried to access a file in a directory:
>> print read join ftp-dir ["<dir-to-read-from>"]
URL Parse: <user> <pass> <url> none none <dir-to-read-from> Net-log: ["Opening" "tcp" "for" "FTP"] Net-log: [ none ["220" "230"]] Net-log: {220 ProFTPD 1.2.1 Server (<server>)]} Net-log: [ ["USER" port/user] "331"] Net-log: "331 Password required for <user>." Net-log: [ ["PASS" port/pass] "230"] Net-log: "230 Welcome to <some-server>" Net-log: [ "SYST" "*"] Net-log: "215 UNIX Type: L8" Net-log: [ ["PORT" port/locals/active-check] "200"] Net-log: "200 PORT command successful." Net-log: [ ["CWD" either empty? port/path ["./"] [join "./" port/path]] "250"] Net-log: "250 CWD command successful." Net-log: [ ["TYPE A"] ["200"]] Net-log: "200 Type set to A." Net-log: [ [join "LIST " port/target] ["150" "125"]] Net-log: {150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list.} Net-log: [ none "226"] Net-log: "226-Transfer complete." Net-log: [ ["PORT" port/locals/active-check] "200"] ** User Error: Server error: tcp 226 Quotas on: using 0.00 of 10.00 MegaBytes ** Near: print read join ftp-dir ["<dir-to-read-from>"] It seems the ftp-transfer itself is successful, but Rebol chokes after that.
> The servers work perfectly outside Rebol and I can manipulate files
> Reading directories works fine, but trying to read the contents of a file
> User Error: Server error: tcp 200 PORT command successful. > Are you using a form soemthing like the following to read the contents of a file? > ftp-dir: ftp://user-name:[user-pass--ftp--my-ftp-site--com]/a-folder/ > print read ftp-dir ["a-file-name"]
Irrelevant now, but it is the url-syntax you mentioned which I use.
> Hope this helps.
Well, it didn't... dammit :-) Regards, Henrik Mikael Kristensen