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[REBOL] Rebol cgi always prints usage information before executing script ??

From: Jean:Holzammer:faedv-n:bayern at: 27-Jun-2003 12:45

Hello, as my web hoster doesn't support rebol officially, I tried to install it myself. Uploaded latest rebol/view binary ( for Linux/X86 to my cgi-bin directory and set permission to 755. I also copied rebol.r and my script info.r to the same location. When I call this script from the web browser, it was actually executed. But rebol printed its usage information before it ! I tried to reproduce this at my local machine (AmigaOS 3.x/68K, Rebol 2.5.0.x) from the shell. I got the same behaviour, but only when I used an additional option that is not known, e.g. : rebol -cswq -dummyoption info.r But if you compare my script with the usage template as shown in the browser window, my script does _not_ use any unknown parameters !!! Any ideas ? Maybe the latest rebol version has different parameters but still old usage information ? Regards, Jean script info.r look like this: #! rebol -cswq REBOL [] print "Content-Type: text/html" print "" print "<pre>" probe system/options/cgi print "</pre>" output in the browser is: REBOL <options> <script> <arguments> All fields are optional. Supported options are: --cgi (-c) Check for CGI input --do expr Evaluate expression --link url Connect to Link --help (-?) Display this usage information --nowindow (-w) Do not open a window --noinstall (-i) Do not install (Link, View) --quiet (-q) Don't print banners --reinstall (+i) Force an install (Link, View) --script file Explicitly specify script --secure level Set security: allow ask throw quit --trace (-t) Enable trace mode --uninstall (-u) Uninstall REBOL (Link, View) Other command line options: +q Force not quiet (Link, View) -s No security +s Full security -- args Provide args without a script Examples: REBOL script.r REBOL -s script.r REBOL script.r 10:30 [test--domain--dom] REBOL script.r --do "verbose: true" REBOL -cswq REBOL --cgi --secure throw --script cgi.r "debug: true"12:38 27.06.03 Content-Type: text/html <pre> make object! [ server-software: {Apache/1.3.23 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) mod_ssl/2.8.7 OpenSSL/0.9.6b DAV/1.0.3 PHP/4.1.2 mod_perl/1.26} server-name: "" gateway-interface: "CGI/1.1" server-protocol: "HTTP/1.0" server-port: "80" request-method: "GET" path-info: none path-translated: none script-name: "/cgi-bin/info.r" query-string: "" remote-host: none remote-addr: "" auth-type: none remote-user: none remote-ident: none Content-Type: none content-length: none other-headers: ["HTTP_ACCEPT" {application/msword, application/, application/, image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, */*} "HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE" "de" HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL "max-age=259200" "HTTP_HOST" "" HTTP_USER_AGENT "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 4.0)" HTTP_VIA "1.0 (squid/2.5.STABLE2)" HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR "unknown"] ] </pre>