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[REBOL] horizontal scroll?

From: hijim::pronet::net at: 1-Aug-2001 18:53

In the script below, whan the find function finds a string at the end of a line it scrolls some of the text off the screen to the left. It does better if I change the 2 to 1.1 in the scroll-to function, but it still scrolls a couple of characters AND it puts the highlighted string at the bottom of the page instead of the middle. How can I make this stop? I need to scroll all the way to the left before showing the text. I simplified the find routine from the one found in editor.r. The same problem exists in that editor. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim rebol [Title: "Text Editor"] a-file: "" home: does [my-slider/data: 0 scroll-para text-file my-slider show [text-file my-slider] ] put: func [a b] [ if text-file <> system/view/focal-face [return] if not system/view/caret [return] insert system/view/caret a system/view/caret: skip system/view/caret b show text-file] search: func [ss] [ start: system/view/caret text-file/text txt: find any [system/view/caret text-file/text] ss focus text-file if not txt [return] system/view/highlight-start: txt system/view/caret: txt system/view/highlight-end: skip system/view/caret length? ss scroll-to txt system/view/caret: skip system/view/caret length? ss show [text-file my-slider] ] scroll-to: func [txt /local xy] [ xy: (caret-to-offset text-file txt) - text-file/para/scroll text-file/para/scroll: min 0x0 text-file/size / 2 - xy my-slider/data: (second xy) / max 1 second size-text text-file ] wrap-text: func [para /margin size /local count][ insert para "^/^/" "^/^/" ; add two newlines at top count: 1 if not margin [size: 76] ; default size wraps at 70 characters replace/all para "^/^/" "^/^/ " ; two newlines and some spaces count: 5 remove para "^/^/" "^/^/" ; remove two newlines at top remove para "^/^/" "^/^/" ; remove two more newlines at top forall para [ if (first para) = newline [count: 0] if all [ count >= size find/reverse para " " ][ para: find/reverse para " " change para newline para: insert next para " " count: 5 ] count: count + 1 ] head para ] view layout [ backdrop silver * 1.1 across space 0 origin 6 text-file: area para [] 500x400 a-file white white font-name font-fixed wrap my-slider: slider 18x400 silver / 1.2 gold [scroll-para text-file my-slider] below pad 4 across space 3 key #"^-" [put " " 4] ; tab key enters 4 spaces button 72x22 green / 1.8 "Open" #"^o" [ file-path: request-file/title/keep "Open File" "Open" if file-path <> none [ a-file: read/string to-file file-path system/view/focal-face text-file/text: a-file file-path f-name/text: copy file-path home show f-name ] ] button 72x22 blue / 1.4 "Save" [ if file-path <> none [write first file-path text-file/text] ] button 72x22 blue / 1.4 "Save As" #"^s" [ file-path: request-file/title/keep "Save File" "Save" if file-path <> none [write first file-path text-file/text] ] button 72x22 green / 1.8 "Print" #"^p" [write %//prn wrap-text join copy a-file #"^L"] button 72x22 gold "Find" #"^F" [search ss/text] ss: field 137x22 silver * 1.1 silver * 1.2 font-name font-fixed return tt "File: " f-name: info 258x22 edge none font-name font-fixed button 72x22 gold "Date" #"" [put to-string now/date length? to-string now/date] button 67x22 red "Delete" [ file-path: request-file/title/keep "Delete File" "Delete" if file-path <> none [delete first file-path text-file/text] ] button 67x22 red "Quit" #"^q" [unview/all] return ]