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[REBOL] Re: Update: Read *and* Write images against Windows Clipboard

From: anton:lexicon at: 25-Sep-2002 1:49

> << 2) ARexx
Yep, Amiga REXX.
> << OK, so reading quickly between the lines, it sounds like the Amiga was > blessed with an advanced scripting language that could listen on > a port and > be passed stuff. >> > > Yes. Big time. I'm not an Amigan either, and also had a TI994A, by odd > coincidence. Hopefully, if I ever get something going along these > lines, RT > and the Amigans out there will chime in to contribute suggestions based on > their experience.
I had a lot of fun with ARexx, after I figured out how to get it to connect to a program's arexx port! I used it to do things that I use rebol to do now. For instance, I just moved some directories around, reorganising my mp3 collection, and then as a consequence, my favourite playlist had links to old filepaths which were incorrect. I quickly made a rebol script to fix those that were incorrect. I would have used ARexx to do this job almost as easily, were I still using the amiga. The practice on amiga for applications to make available an arexx port was great, and allowed others to glue applications together and automate all sorts of boring, repetitive tasks, that normally required you to click click click with your mouse until you go crazy or give up. It would be good to make an example of a rebol app that listens on a port for instructions. It could reject connections that do not originate from the same machine. Perhaps we could agree to a standard port (& scheme, I suppose it would be http:// ) to be used in this way, then it would be easy to have some generic code that shows how to connect to and control a whole bunch of rebol applications. Ah, but wait, then programs clash with each other, all trying to serve on the same port. Maybe imagine some sort of registering program, maintaining a list like: 4300 Rebol-port-registry (this program) 4321 Bulge 4322 Morph 4400 Video-studio Each of the programs Bulge, Morph & Video-studio would seek out Rebol-port-registry on port 4300 at start up, and register themselves with a "unique" port number. Then any other program can come along and connect to Rebol-port-registry to look up what port a particular program is serving on, so then they can communicate directly. So in the end a program could control those three above to work together, perhaps, for example, getting Video-studio to save some frames of a video, then getting Bulge and Morph to process those frames in a way that Video-studio cannot do already, then saving and reimporting back into the video. It's just an idea. :) Anton.