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[REBOL] Re: Fw: REBOL/View/Pro licensing

From: ammoncooke::yahoo at: 16-Sep-2001 13:35

> Oh well, joining alliance has some advantages, but 499 USD per year? You
> buy QNX dev. seat starting from 500 USD, adn we are talking full fledged > embedded os here ... Source codes to VID? We can print them even now, no?
> would VERY like to know, what does extended support mean,
When I find out, I will let you know. ;))
> if RT will employ > another ppl, as currently there in NO person working as feedback. We saw > many dissappointing situations, where ppl were left guessing and talking
> ml, when even one single reply from RT would solve the situation. I think > that I am far from being only one, who never got reply from feedback or > something like that. So my question is - what are we going to get for
> 500USD, if my company, paying 700 USD for two /Commands, has not get
> reply to fastcgi doc bug? ;-) >
Sounds like a pretty roten deal. I never heard about that one.
> And yes, it is serious doubt on my and others side, as RT will hopefully > grow, companies will buy Express etc. Can 5 RT programmers handle all of > that? I would like to hear clear statement here. >
No, they cannot, as we all well know. It seems to me that if IOS really does what they say it does, (& I expect it does) They could hire any one of you gurus now on the list to be THE fedback person, without you moving to another location. Of course, none of us really know what goes on behind the scenes, or what RT is thinking as far as hiring someone. From the resumes of the current RT crew it appears that they will only hire the best. ;)) Long live RT!!
> Now: > > 1) letting customer to buy rebol products - it's applicable for big > companies, but not small developers, as many of use are. Customers care of > final solution, I can't imagine someone telling customer - hey, to run my > scripts, go and buy Rebol first - or am I missing something here?
Well, if you *think* you might be missing something, send an email to [cindy--rebol--com] she seems very glad to help, & is very informative on just what is going on with lisencing.
> 2) Royalties - maybe more acceptable, but it reminds me of so much hated > Amiga Inc.'s licensing model ....
Yes, I dislike royalties too, but everyone must find an acceptable balance between bancruptcy, & happy customers. To me the royalties is much more acceptable than $1000, or more, for a decent developement environment for C/C++ or java or anything else, it gets me in for half of what it would otherwise cost. Once I was a flurishing software company I might want to be able to pay that extra money for a version of Encap that will then allow me to produce all of the exes that I want until the version of Encap that I own is too outdated to use. ;))
> So, in regards to 1) and 2) - is there any way to buy RT development
> (e.g. Rebol/Command/View) for some concrete price (final price), and being > able to distribute encapsultated .exes? What is that price, and how is > multiplatform model adressed? I think that many ppl here will be
> in Rebol as just another tool to VB, Delphi, all of them being able to > produce roylty FREE, executable code, in whatever amount of sold > applications. If RT will not adress similar model - we are doomed ...
I probably shouldn't have done it, but I cut out one little piece of the email Cindy sent me. I don't have it right at my fingertips, or I would quote it, but basically she said we (RT) are more like Java than C/C++, Delphi, or the others so the lisencing is closer to Java. I can't verify this, I don't know how Java is lisenced. Just FYI. Enjoy!! Ammon