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[REBOL] Re: Commercializing Rebol

From: gjones05:mail:orion at: 16-May-2001 9:00

> > > GS Jones
GSJ> > > The concept is solid, in my opinion, and would be GSJ> > > the sort of solution I would like to see for REBOL GSJ> > > applications meant for distribution to the GSJ> > > general public (meaning, less than truly computer-competent).
> "Robert M. Muench" wrote:
RMM> > Hi, maybe someone from RT can have a look at it, for RT it RMM> > should be a no-brainer to create the right solution ;-)). GSJ> > > The REBOL runtime (and runtimes yet to be) GSJ> > > apparently achieves some of these goals. An expanded GSJ> > > wrapper-type solution including database would be GSJ> > > ideal. RMM> > I like the wrapper idea, too. It's really nice to be able RMM> > to pack everything you need into one EXE file. I hope RMM> > RT will expand this idea further. Since HD space is so RMM> > cheap I really don't like the shared-library concept anymore. From: "Petr Krenzelok" <[Petr--Krenzelok--trz--cz]> PK> But - mobile communication is coming. There is no space to PK> waste. Mobile networks are also throughput limited - how do PK> you upgrade your component if everything is internally inside PK> one .exe? Let's say Carl changes something in VID and I really PK> don't understand why should I download the whole Rebol once PK> again. Rebol, in its principle, - is very granular (referring to series).
PK> But maybe you mean just something different? e.g. mechanism PK> working as linker, which would pack functionality needed into PK> one executable, so if DLL contains e.g. 10 funcs and only 3 PK> of them are called, then those 3 would be linked in? Actually, I am envisioning a different mechanism, and here is where I wish I could find the additional reference links from Jean-Claude Wippler's site. The TclKit-MetaKit combination actually uses the MetaKit database to store the components of the distribution. If I recall correctly, Jean-Claude's vision was that the scripted document could allow for either a simple, whole replacement (executable file for executable file without the need for any real installation, per se), or that components in the database could be updated through a network! Here is where the beauty and the power seems to lie in the concept as I understand it. So basically, Petr, the additional things you wrote about (not herein included) basically foreshadow the idea I'm trying to present, that such a system exists, at least at a rudimentary level. The added beauty, as I made reference to, is that the MetaKit implementation "automatically" compresses all stored files, and, furthrmore, this compressed version is binary compatible (at least the data elements; obviously a platform specific library would not work on the incorrect platform). I believe you are still entirely correct by pointing out that shared resources were designed in part to reduce redundancy in storage. My vision of the extension of Jean-Claude's vision of the scripted document does not entirely avoid this pitfall. It at least optimizes on the problem through compression. A typical Tcl/Tk basic working model (not developmental model) might span several megabytes, but the TclKit compressed version is about 750KB. Like the REBOL executable interpretor, it expands in memory as a part of the process of being run. A REBOL distribution so encapsulated would be even smaller. With Regards, --Scott Jones